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Trial of Dr. Conrad Murray and the Death of Michael Jackson: Trial Summary and Sentencing.

Updated on November 29, 2011

Trial in the Death of Michael Jackson

Dr.Conrad Murray is now on trial for the death of Pop icon Michael Jackson. Opening statements were given in the last week of September and it will be interesting how the defense is going to clear their client.

In opening statements the Prosecution pointed out that Dr Conrad Murray ordered 4.4 gallons of Propofol that was delivered to his girlfriends residence. Dr Conrad Murray not once mentioned to the EMT's or doctors in the emergency room that Michael Jackson had Propofol in his system. Even if Michael Jackson was an addict it does not excuse any doctor for enabling an addict and contradicts their oath. Further more, Propofol is only suppose to be used in a hospital setting and does not belong in a private residence. Negligence prevailed in the care of Michael Jackson.

It is suggested by some that the defense is going to put the blame on the victim, that he gave himself Propofol. Propofol wouldn't have been in Michael Jackson's home if it hadn't been for Dr Conrad Murray.

Trial is expected to last a few weeks.

A Young Michael Jackson

The Prosecution - Trial of Dr Conrad Murray


Sade Anding, testimony of female friend of Dr Murray, described a phone call with Murray that was suddenly interrupted with the mumbling and coughing -- a moment prosecutors suggest is when the doctor realized there was a problem.

This is the time Dr Conrad Murray should have been watching Michael Jackson instead of texting and calling girlfriends.


Today in court the slurred recording of Michael Jackson that was recorded on Dr Conrad Murray's cell phone was played in full, in the courtroom today. His brother Jermaine was seen wiping tears from his eyes, he was there with other Jackson brother, Randy. What was the motive behind Dr Murray's recording of Michael? It will be interesting how the defense is going to counter-act what many are feeling was self gain on Dr Murray's part. Was he going to use it to blackmail the pop star? What is said on the recording is very sad and gives us a look at Michael the human being, who hurt. Michael who understood children whose childhood had been interrupted by cancer and illness. A childhood stolen.

We pray for our fathers, pray for our mothers
Wishing our families well
We sing songs for the wishing, of those who are kissing
But not for the missing

So this one’s for all the lost children
This one’s for all the lost children
This one’s for all the lost children, wishing them well
And wishing them home

The Lost Children ~ Michael Jackson

Also today in court an email was shown that was sent by Dr Conrad Murray when Michael was on Propofol. So we now know that he was on the phone with a girlfriend and sending an email. The email was sent using his cell phone. A patient needs to be monitored and watched will under Propofol.


Defense attorney Ed Chernoff grilled Elissa Fleak who investigated the bedroom of Michael Jackson for evidence. The defense maintains that Fleak made multiple mistakes in recovering evidence at the scene. Later there was testimony from Dan Anderson, toxicologist, Los Angeles County Coroner's Office gave a run down of what was in Michael Jackson's system at the time of his death.

10/07/2011 - Friday

This day in court the jury heard that taped interview by police of Dr Conrad Murray on what happened the day Jackson died. In the interview, Murray told detectives that he had administered Propofol to Michael Jackson. Which from earlier testimony he never mentioned this to any of the doctors or EMT's that tried to resuscitate Jackson.


Dr Christopher Rogers, Forensic Pathologist who conducted autopsy states there were certain devices not present that should have been in use while administering the drug Propofol. Dr Rogers also states that Michael Jackson could not have given himself Propofol. Also was stated that Jackson was very healthy for his age, his heart was in good shape, no build up in the arteries which is common among someone that is 50.

Katherine Jackson was seen leaving before the Forensic Pathologist took the stand. My thinking is that she knew there would be autopsy photos shown. As a mother I am glad she left, no mother wants to see their child in that condition.


Dr Alon Steinberg, Cardiologist took the stand and stated that the administration of the Propofol, deviated from general standards. Dr Steinberg also stated during the trial that Dr Murray's failure to immediately call 911 upon noticing Jackson's condition was a critical mistake.

Also on this day the Associated Press reported that attorneys for Murray dropped their claim that Jackson swallowed the fatal dose of the anesthetic.


Dr Steven Shafer, Anesthesiologist took the stand and explained about Propofol. Dr Shafer should know since he is considered an expert on the drug and wrote the guidelines for use and dosage.

Testimony was done early this week due to the death of Dr Shafer's father.


Dr Steven Shafer back on the stand after a few days of no court due to a death in the doctor's family.

One statement that sticks out is the one made by Dr Shafer when he stated that there were, 17 egregious errors made by Dr Conrad Murray. In court this day Dr Shafer demonstrated the use of an IV drip system and the mystery of the empty bottle of Propofol in the empty saline bag.

Dr Steven Shafer Demonstration of I.V.

Note the Propofol bottle in empty saline bag.  This is how it was set up in the home of Michael Jackson.
Note the Propofol bottle in empty saline bag. This is how it was set up in the home of Michael Jackson. | Source

The Prosecution - Trial of Dr Conrad Murray, cont'd.


Dr Steven Shafer said that the infusion/drip set up was wrong. Even if Michael Jackson could reach the clamp and release the Propofol it does not release Dr Murray from being responsible for the death of Jackson. Dr Conrad Murray should have never left Jackson's side while on Propofol, especially the way it was set up.

Defense cross-examination of Dr Steven Shafer has started.

Defense Attorney Ed Chernoff is asking why Dr Steven Shafer picked "that particular" IV tubbing for his demonstration. Do not know why Chernoff is doing this other than trying to take away from the issue that this isn't an issue on the type of tubing used. Dr Steven Shafer show's great patience and think the defense is going to have too work hard to trip him up.

10/24/2011 Monday

The Prosecution finished today with the Judge getting a little upset with Defense Attorney Ed Chernoff. There was a recess and now the Defense starts with their first witness.

Michael Jackson - Thriller

The music video that set the standard.  Thriller - Michael Jackson.
The music video that set the standard. Thriller - Michael Jackson.

The Defense - Trial of Dr Conrad Murray

As the Defense starts the jury is watching a surveillance video from Jackson's home on June 25, 2009. Also discussed as the Defense starts was the 911 call.


Cherilyn Lee a nurse was called to the stand and told how Michael Jackson begged her to help him sleep. Michael wanted her to give him a powerful anesthetic Propofol which she refused to do. She was later fired for her refusal. Cherilyn Lee was emotional during her testimony.

If Dr Conrad Murray had stuck to his guns and said "no" maybe Jackson would still be alive. Was money the key element that made Murray do what Michael asked or is there more to the story. Was AEG putting pressure on the doctor to do what ever it took to keep Jackson happy and able to show up for rehearsals.


Character witnesses on today for Dr Murray. Dr Murray got teary eyed listening to their testimony. What gets me is that Dr Conrad Murray showed no emotion during anything that was being discussed about the death of Michael Jackson.

Court is done early today due to scheduling conflicts.


Today addiction expert Dr. Robert Waldman claims Michael Jackson was addicted to Demerol based on the medical records of dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein. At the time of Jackson's death there was no Demerol in his system.

According to, "Meperidine, the active ingredient in Demerol, is a highly addictive narcotic painkiller in the same family of drugs as heroin, morphine, and OxyContin".

So if Jackson was addicted why is there none in his system? If one is an addict this drug would be in his system. Withdrawal symptoms from the drug would show up 6 hours after last dose. Again there would be Demerol in his system if he were an addict. Did Jackson take Demerol? Yes according to records.


On the stand today is the defense's expert on Propofol Dr Paul White. They are talking about Michael Jackson may have taken Lorazepam that morning which with combined with Propofol would be lethal. It still does not excuse a doctor from being responsible for administering Propofol to a patient and then not monitor the patient. It also does not excuse the doctor from doing this in a home setting when this drug should only be used under a hospital or clinic setting.

Dr White is giving a demonstration of Propofol administration. I would further say that I think the defense is trying to confuse the jury with medical terms and making the point of Jackson taking Lorazepam pills the morning of his death. The defense is now transitioning their expert Dr White on pointing out that analogies made by Dr Shafer are flawed.

Question: If Dr Murray didn't hang Propofol bottle then who did? Jackson? You've got to be kidding me. I can not imagine Michael Jackson taking the Propofol bottle and rigging it up. Again where was the doctor if this was going on if we assume Jackson did this himself. It is still negligence on the doctor's part.


Prosecution Cross of Dr Paul White:

Dr White is taking at face value that Dr Conrad Murray is telling the truth on the amount of Propofol he gave. In doing so Dr White is surmising that Jackson gave himself the fatal dose of Propofol. We know that Dr Murray has lied about certain details involving the death of Jackson and even lied about comforting the Jackson children at the hospital. Remember he withheld information from emergency personnel that Jackson had Propofol in his system.

It has been stated that Michael Jackson had his own stash of Propofol. This doesn't make any sense since Dr Murray ordered enough Propofol to put to sleep and elephant. Maybe I have missed something but has any other doctor been linked with getting Propofol for Jackson. If the answer is no then how was Jackson suppose to get his own stash of the drug. It's not like one can buy Propofol from a drug dealer. And why would a dealer have any need to sell Propofol to his clients?

Dr White said, "can't be sure how long Dr Murray was out of the room before Jackson died" and also states that Murray made mistakes. The time that Dr White says is possible for Dr Murray being out of the room at 40 minutes.

Dr. Paul White testified that he wouldn't have given Jackson Propofol for payment

~Katherine Jackson has canceled her trip to London and will be in court for the rest of the testimony and the verdict.

I have a degree in criminal justice and have a great interest in anything that has to do with human behavior in regards to crime. If one tells the truth it is easy to repeatedly tell the same story. If you tell a lie you have to remember who you told it too and be able to stick to that story. Key thing is to go over what Dr Murray said in his interview with LAPD, there are discrepancies. Also if Dr Conrad Murray had been at Michaels side the whole time none of the scenarios mentioned would have taken place. Whether you go with the Prosecution or the Defense if the doctor had been in the room the whole time Jackson would be still alive.


Today is the day the court finds out if Dr Conrad Murray will take the stand in his own defense of what happened the day Michael Jackson died. At the lunch break LaToya Jackson, "Tweeted" she hoped Murray would take the stand. I guess like me, she figured he would be buried alive by the Prosecuting lawyers.

Probably after advisement by his Lawyers Dr Murray will not take the stand.

Closing Arguments in the Trial of Dr Conrad Murray


Prosecuting lawyer David Walgren meticulous going over testimony and what has transpired during the trial. The time Dr Murray notices Jackson not breathing and 20 plus minutes later 911 call is finally made. 20 precious minutes while Michael Jackson laid there and then his children there crying. Paris curled up in a ball on the floor crying. Murray called Jackson's aid before calling 911 and we will never know just how long Murray was out of the room. Prosecution talks about Murray more concerned with protecting himself instead of the health of his patient Michael Jackson.

David Walgren is now going over what transpired at UCLA Medical Center when Jackson was brought into the emergency room. Again pointing out that Dr Murray never mentioned Propofol.


Defense lawyer Chernoff is addressing the jury and showing inconsistency in the Prosecution case against Murray. The theme so far is that everyone is either inept or lying according to the defense.

Chernoff states there are a million explanations if you work the backwards in an investigation. What he is also doing while stating this is that Dr Murray told the truth of what he injected into Jackson. Chernoff also states that the defense needs to prove a crime. Isn't the fact that the doctor supplied Michael with Propofol and left the room proof of negligence. It has been stated that this drug does not belong in a home. Who ordered the Propofol? Murray.

For me the bottom line is still Dr Murray brought Propofol into the house and then left the room. I do not believe that Jackson somehow gave himself Propofol.

Prosecution - Rebuttal

Trial is about Dr Conrad Murray. Also states that there is no precedent for Propofol being used in the setting of a home because it's intended use is in a hospital. Not having the correct setup and that Dr Murray lied about using Propofol by failing to tell emergency personnel.

Jackson's fingerprints not on the syringe he supposedly used on himself. There were Dr Murray's fingerprints on a bottle of Propofol.

Consciousness of guilt.

Conrad Murray lied multiple times from use of Propofol, request for autopsy, and consoling family, including lying to Katherine Jackson that he did not know how Michael had died.

Walgren keeps bringing up the fact that Propofol should not be used in a home.

Thursday, 11/03/2011 at 3.54 pm it is now in the hands of the jurors. Given the evening off and will start deliberating tomorrow morning.

Friday, 11/04/2011 still no verdict.


Monday, November 07, 2011

11:00am - Three Buzzers, Verdict has been reached:

This Is It!

1:15 Jury has just arrived into courtroom.


Dr Murray is Remanded without bail, handcuffed and going to jail til sentencing. Nov 29, 2011 will be sentencing.


Thoughts on the Trial and the Verdict.

My personal opinion is that Dr Murray got the right sentence.

What disturbs me is the attitude of those that didn't agree with the verdict and their reasoning behind those feelings. First some thought because of Jackson's past and his looks he deserved to die and Murray should be awarded. Others almost treated the doctor like he was a drug dealer in that all the blame should be put on Michael Jackson. I do agree that Michael got himself into a bad situation with abusing drugs, but the drugs he was abusing were from prescriptions. Where do prescriptions come from? A doctor. Get back to the drug dealer attitude, if a drug dealer is selling product that causes the death of his/her buyers he is responsible, and it does not rest solely of the buyer.

Lets look at Dr Murray one who holds or at least held a medical license to practice. When one becomes a doctor they take what is called a, Hippocratic Oath to do no harm. Did Dr Murray do harm? Yes. Why! Because of propofol. You can through in there Michael self medicating with other drugs but the one that tipped the scale and led to his death was propofol intoxication. I do not and will never go with the notion that while supposedly Dr Murray was out of the room for 2 minute's that Michael injected himself with the drug propofol. Let's be realistic, if you have ever been put under during surgery by this drug you know that you are not all there when "coming out of it". So during the two minutes that the doctor wasn't there Jackson was to have done this to himself. Also using this drug one must be monitored by a doctor and equipment that notifies the doctor that something was wrong. No said equipment was there and Dr Murray was not diligent in maintaining a watch over his patient. I also believe that Murray was too busy texting and making calls to his girlfriends and others to be paying attention to Jackson.

Lying! If you have nothing to hide there is no need to lie. And lie's will come back to bite you if you are not consistent and if other's heard or saw you do otherwise. Murray lied more than once in what was said and done.

The time lapse in calling 911 was not a big point with me but it stuck with me that he called other's first before making the crucial call to get emergency personnel to the house. Also having help in getting things cleaned up before paramedics arrived at the house.

Failure to let EMT's and emergency personnel at the hospital that Jackson had propofol in his system. Even I know that in an emergency it is very important to let paramedics, nurses and doctor's know what is in the system of the person in medical distress. That helps them determine what to use in that particular emergency.

Whether Michael Jackson was a drug addict or not doctors need to be held accountable for their disregard of the oath they took when they became a doctor. Again it is not the patient that should be dictating to the doctor what meds should be prescribed, it is the physician that calls the shots.

Bottom line: Doctors are not drug dealers. And propofol belongs in a hospital and no where else. Remember it was Dr Murray that got the propofolto use and even had it delivered to his girlfriends house. Murray was more conerned with covering his ass than his dying patient.

Sentencing of Dr Conrad Murray

Dr Murray was sentenced to the maximum of four years in jail but may be out early due to overcrowding. Judge Michael Pastor criticized Murray and said the doctor was a "disgrace to the medical profession".

I for one am glad he got the maximum sentence and hope he serves all four years. The thought of a professional doctor resorting to being a drug dealer is beyond reason and scope of what a doctor should do for those in his care.

Michael Jackson - Earth Song

Earth Song

I used to dream

I used to glance beyond the starts

Now I don't know where we are

Although I know we've drifted far


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