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Trivia Quiz: Supernatural (the television series)

Updated on April 20, 2014

This trivia quiz is all about the popular CW Network series, Supernatural. If you are a fan of the show or just like quizzes you might enjoy playing along.

The rules are simple: take out paper and a pen or pencil. Number your paper 1-22. Scroll down to the Questions section and read Question #1. From the four possible answers provided, select your answer to the Question. Proceed through the rest of the questions in the same manner. Scoring: Each correctly answered Question 1-21 is worth ten points each. #22 –the Bonus Question- is worth 90 points, providing a potential final score of 300.

Good luck and have fun!


1. After their mother died, Dean and Sam Winchester were raised by whom?

a. their grandmother

b. their father

c. each other

d. three good fairies

2. As “hunters”, Dean and Sam have devoted their lives to doing what?

a. saving harmless supernatural beings from humans that want to see them destroyed

b. finding genuine supernatural activity and recording that activity for posterity

c. hunting down and destroying evil supernatural beings

d. tracking down financially independent cougars

3. Who is Bobby Singer?

a. a gruff, down-to-earth hunter and friend of Dean and Sam, who loves them as if they were his own sons

b. a gruff and wealthy cousin who is also a vampire

c. a gruff but charitable pastor of a bikers church, who advises the brothers on the location of sacred relics

d. Sam’s gruff and hirsute pole-dancer girlfriend

4. Why did Lilith want the 66 Seals broken?

a. to release Lucifer from hell

b. to control the Winchester brothers

c. it was what prevented her from taking over Heaven

d. she had forgotten to sign the Christmas cards before stuffing them in the envelopes

5. Before he was destroyed, the Winchester brothers often referred to the demon Azazel as what?

a. Yellow Eyes

b. Blue Guy

c. Thin Man

d. Grandma

6. In the episode, “Yellow Fever”, Dean becomes infected with ghost sickness. During his illness, he runs in terrorized panic from what beast?

a. a wolf with a human head

b. a hellhound

c. a giant spider

d. a tiny adorable Yorkie wearing pretty ribbons

7. Who was the ill-fated Adam Milligan?

a. the love-child of Lilith and the original Adam

b. Sam and Dean’s half-brother

c. a child possessed by the angel of death

d. a college kid that wrote “CLEAN ME!” on the dusty rear window of Dean’s Chevy Impala

8. What did Adam Milligan allow the Archangel Michael to do?

a. use his body as a vessel

b. impregnate his girlfriend

c. impregnate his mother

d. purchase eleven items in the 10-items-or-less line

9. Who was the first demon Lucifer created?

a. Reuben

b. Lilith

c. Shade

d. Hillary Clinton

10. When the Archangel Gabriel decided to live among the pagan gods it was because he was fed up from dealing with constant fighting and contention. Where was this fighting and contention coming from?

a. God, Lucifer and other angels

b. Dean and Sam

c. the Gaza Strip

d. the Reddit Forum

11. In the Season 5 episode, “Changing Channels”, Gabriel forces Dean and Sam to literally live as characters in a series of television shows (that parody real tv shows). Along with these shows, Sam also finds himself appearing as the spokesperson for a commercial product. What medical malady is the commercial product intended to treat?

a. bunions

b. erectile dysfunction

c. genital herpes

d. leaky bladder

12. Before assuming the role of King of Hell, Crowley served Lucifer in what capacity?

a. As a Pazuzu priest in ancient Babylon

b. As a dark wizard that counseled both Napoleon and Hitler

c. As a crossroads demon

d. As Miley Cyrus’s publicity agent

13. Around the same time Sam realized his attraction to the demon, Ruby, Dean fell in love with whom?

a. Lucifer’s wife, Mitre

b. the fallen angel, Anna

c. nun, Sister Margaret Therese

d. alcoholic, Father Otis Campbell

14. Who did the angel Castiel pull out of hell?

a. Dean

b. Bobby Singer

c. Lucifer

d. Oprah Winfrey

15. In the episode “Caged Heat”, Castiel is turned on by what?

a. Barbara Bain in an episode of Mission Impossible

b. a spanking scene in a porn movie

c. an erotic novel

d. a photo of Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann eating a corndog

16. Ruthless billionaire, Dick Roman, was the secret head of what?

a. an organization of escaped Leviathans

b. the cannibal mafia

c. an elite para-military force of fundamentalist atheist zombies

d. the campaign to re-elect Barrack Obama

17. Benny Lafitte was a vampire that helped Dean escape from what horrible fate?

a. Hell

b. Limbo

c. Purgatory

d. a normal, productive job with a steady paycheck

18. The hunter, Garth, has always been different from the usual hunters for what reason?

a. His is a direct descendant of Lucifer

b. He shows compassion for every living thing

c. His partner is a Great Dane named Scooby-Doo

d. He co-stars on a public-access television show along with his stoner friend, Wayne

19. What affectionate name has Dean given his black Chevy Impala?

a. Baby

b. Cecilia

c. Estelle

d. Dean, Jr.

20. When Prophet Kevin Tran was kidnapped and put up for sale at an immortals’ auction, what commodity did his mortal mother use in order to secure his release?

a. Buddha’s mummified third eye

b. the sandals of Jesus

c. her own soul

d. the family’s secret recipe for chicken and dumplings

21. How did Dean come to have the mark of Cain on his arm?

a. Cain gave it to him

b. Abaddon gave it to him

c. It was the free prize in a box of Cracker Jacks

d. It was 4AM, he’d had sixteen apple-tini’s and the tattoo parlor just happened to be on his way home


What religious figure has never –at least not yet- been part of the Supernatural line-up of characters?

a. Isis

b. Kali

c. Jesus

d. Odin

Answers found below Castiel


1. b. their father

2. c. hunting down and destroying evil supernatural beings

3. a. a gruff, down-to-earth hunter and friend of Dean and Sam, who loves them as if they were his own sons

4. a. to release Lucifer from hell

5. a. Yellow Eyes

6. d. a tiny adorable Yorkie wearing pretty ribbons

7. b. Sam and Dean’s half-brother

8. a. use his body as a vessel

9. b. Lilith

10. a. God, Lucifer and other angels

11. c. genital herpes

12. c. As a crossroads demon

13. b. the fallen angel, Anna

14. a. Dean

15. b. a spanking scene in a porn movie

16. a. an organization of escaped Leviathans

17. c. Purgatory

18. b. He shows compassion for every living thing

19. a. Baby

20. c. her own soul

21. a. Cain gave it to him


c. Jesus

This Hub trivia quiz ©April 21, 2014 by Beth Perry

Sam Winchester does a commercial


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  • bethperry profile image

    Beth Perry 3 years ago from Tennesee

    Stephanie, most awesome. I do believe you are the first trivia quiz player to my pages that scored 100 :)

    Thanks much for dropping by!

  • profile image

    Stephanie Fay 3 years ago

    Got them all right...hells yeah ;)

  • WillStarr profile image

    WillStarr 3 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

    I'll have to pass on this one, since I've never watched the show.