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Top 5 Movie Posters for Troll 2 (1990)

Updated on July 1, 2011

Worst Movie Ever Inspires Decent Movie Posters

Deemed by moviegoers as the "best worst movie" ever made, Troll 2 seems to have taken on a life of its own when it comes to movie posters and box designs. While the movie is consistently mired in ratings hell (1.9 out of 10, according to Rotten Tomatoes readers), it's cult following has inspired annual Troll 2 festivals which invariably produce some even better art than the movie itself.


The Original VHS Artwork/Movie Poster

At age six, I remember this poster hanging at my local video store here in Houston, and how couldn't you? That silhouette would creep anybody out! Too bad the original artwork for the Troll 2 cassette tape (also titled "Troll II") surpasses the movie itself.

On the cover, we see Joshua Waits (portrayed by Michael Stephenson) looking to get out of dodge with a troll hovering behind him. He also is holding some sort of creepy troll baby, it looks like.

Does anybody remember that thing in the movie? I don't recall that being in the film, and if it was, it probably wasn't too important in advancement of the plot.

What I can tell you is this: Had I known the trolls did not actually look like that at six, I might have asked my parents to rent this for me.

Unfortunately, I waited 21 years later to see it. So many years without this movie! How sad!

MGM used this artwork for their DVD cover until 2010, when they released a 20th Anniversary edition for DVD and Blue-ray. (See below.)

The Cult Classic

Since its release in 1990, Troll 2 has become a venerable cult classic in its own right, spurring fans to host parties and festivals devoted to Joshua and his Nilbog adventures.

The atmosphere is always great, and you can't piss on hospitality, right, Mr. Waits?

But, even better than these events are the incredible posters which are created for these events. Herein is a collection of artwork inspired by the movie.

20th Anniversary Cover

As mentioned above, in 2010, MGM released a new DVD and Blue-ray copy of Troll 2 commemorating the film's 20th anniverary.

The artwork is highly commercial, and for the first time, depicts the film's creatures as they actually appear.

Keeping with the original artwork, the studio decided to go with a green theme, a perennial Nilbog favorite!

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