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True Blood Season IV

Updated on August 28, 2011

True Blood


June 26, 2011 at 8pm EST

Anna Paquin has a real hit on her hands with True Blood in this comedy of mythical creatures from around the world converging on Shreveport, Louisiana. And while the shows locations have roamed from Louisiana to Texas to Mississippi its basic unpredictable plot lines have made so many point turns its story is unpredictable.

It is ludicrous that a vampire would every be struck with a conscious let alone love with what is on the surface is a human being. It would be as if Americans suddenly took to rooming with Dairy cows and yet it is an interesting commentary on how the world perceives the USA. And there is the ever so subtle message that predatory behavior towards weaker species is cruelty and yet it continues as a theme throughout each season. And yet the predators are celebrate in True Blood.

In True Blood it is better to consider what each character does to each other instead of following the mythology of each character. As it is internationally. it may run afoul against your childhood myths. True Blood takes the liberal position of claiming to want integration but with a cautionary note that weaker subjects can be preyed upon. And that weakness is the truest evil of all.

It is a great cast with great writing although a bit pedantic and innocence is lost in this script but it is so funny the flaws can be over looked. If it wasn't so funny and amusing, I might shut the cable off but it is entertaining. As if another culture could be harder than what lies in the Louisiana Bayou. It is entertaining as international films crews attempt to rewrite the lore of Louisiana. Bauer has a hit though. He has tapped into the mystic of Louisiana and has made us enjoy watching his perversions.

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The South will Rise Again

With True Blood, I am certain the South will rise again. See you on June 26th.


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