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True Detective: "After You've Gone" Review

Updated on March 2, 2014


The episode before led us to this point where we would find all of these characters in present day while also explaining how we got to this point. This episode answered a fair amount of questions while also setting up a season finale that will most likely end up bloody in some way. The questions that we had have not been too big of surprises and I will admit that even some of my theories were a bit outlandish. In this episode, Rust brought Marty up to speed on what he had learned over the course of his time away from the force. It was a disturbing scene as Rust showed Marty pictures of a blindfolded girl and then showed him a tape of what this group had down to the girl. It was a wise decision for them to cut away from the tape and focus on Marty's reaction on the tape which allowed the viewers imagination fill in the details which can be much more horrifying then anything else.

Considering how last time we had seen Rust and Marty together they were at each other's throats, it was nice to see them come back together in this episode. Just like Marty, I chuckled when Rust actually took the time to ask him how he's doing. I have said it before that Rust is one of the most complex and intriguing characters on television and I stand by my opinion. He is a man who now knows that he is reaching the end of his rope and in hindsight he realizes that he has made some mistakes in his life. He knows that Marty has been one of the best people to come into his life and because of that I believe he will not let any harm come to him in the final act of this series.

The big reveal of the episode was of course that of who the spaghetti haired man was that had the facial scars. Theories ran throughout the internet that this man was indeed the lawnmower man who appeared back in episode three, I never thought to much about it because it seemed almost too obvious. The fact that his green earmuffs fit to perfectly with the description of his green ears and his long hair covered too much of his face to distinguish whether or not he had scars.

3.5 stars out of 5
3.5 stars out of 5

Closing Comments

While the twists were rather predictable, it is amazing how that is usually the case in such a well written drama. Due to the terrific performances given by the leads we tend to also overlook the fact that the episode as a whole was rather predictable. This episode had everything as Rust and Cohle worked out their issues and began working together again. It was also nice to see how far reaching the "Yellow King: reached as one of the officers they worked with back in 1995 most likely knows a fair share about the ordeal.This world that Nic Pizzolatto had created is incredibly engaging and enrapturing to the point that it is sad that our run with these characters will be coming to an end next week. It is a shame that it is coming to an end, but at the same token all good things must come to an end. In other news on an unrelated note, congratulations are in order for Matthew McConaughey on his big win tonight as he received the award for Best Actor on his work in Dallas Buyers Club.


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