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True Tues: Annabelle

Updated on January 31, 2018
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Freelance Writer, Novelist, & aspiring Criminologist....member of the Horror Writers Association, MH English, Tiffin U

Lorraine Warren discusses Annabelle

First off let off let's remember the James Wan ( @creepypuppet) adaptations of the Warren Files are primarily dramatizations. For Annabelle, who has spawned her own movie and a sequel, both are the screenwriters theories on how Annabelle became used as a demonic conduit. The creepy porcelain doll that saw better days in the original movie was not the actual doll that is enclosed in a locked and blessed case in the Warrens Occult Museum in Connecticut. The company that owns the rights to the actual doll, a Raggedy Ann refused likeness rights. They wanted to distance themselves from the events associated with the doll in such a publicized account of the issues with this one particular doll. The doll was seen in an episode of Mysteries at the Museum, locked in the case. The host reveals in the segment that a young man taunted the doll during his tour and later mysteriously had a motorcycle accident. The accident was so severe that he ended up dying instantly. The host questions whether the mocking of one of the most dangerous items in the Warrens Museum attributed to his death. Did Annabelle have that kind of reach? Miss Lorraine reveals that a priest lives on the grounds of the museum and the doll is regularly blessed to contain the evil within. The doll is taken to limited, live events, and tickets can be purchased from the Warrens website. The event is hosted by the Curator of the museum. Personally, I am wary of the reach of the doll, and as much as I would like to meet Miss Lorraine, I would not feel comfortable being close enough to touch the case without a noted demonologist such as Keith Johnson or the Warrens’ nephew, John Zaffis being nearby.

Feeling I was being superstitious, and possibly influenced by former Ghost Hunter, Brian Harnois, I asked Keith Johnson via Facebook if I was being crazy. Keith Johnson tells me “On the contrary, people definitely SHOULD have a healthy respect for a situation such as this. One does not necessarily have to have a respect for the demonic to respect the actual situation.”

I think the items such as dolls or images that feature figures with eyes have a higher tendency to creep me out. A wariness that did truly frighten Harnois.

Now The Review:

A happy couple, Mia and John awaiting the birth of their child are sharing a wonderful day at church with their friends, an older established couple. There are a few questions whispered between the two about whether or not to listen to the older couple’s advice since there is some mystery surrounding their errant daughter. The young woman is a housewife and her husband is studying to be a daughter. Mia is concerned that now she’s unable to do much that she just be lazy and fat. John quips that she can become addicted to soap operas like other housewives of the 1960s. As an anniversary gift, the young husband surprises his wife with the final doll in her porcelain collection. Fearful that they cannot afford this fancy doll the husband then surprises her that he learned he had gotten the residency that he had fought to receive in San Diego. The wife is happy and the two celebrate.

The couple is awoke sometime later by a disturbance next door in their friends’ home. The young wife wakes up her husband to have him go look. He is startled by their dead bodies and the police are called. The police quickly dispatch of the hippy teen but cannot seem to find his girlfriend, the deceased couple’s errant, daughter, Annabelle. Annabelle and her boyfriend are said to be apart of a crazy demonic hippy cult that seems to be inspired by the Manson family. Annabelle sneaks into Mia and John’s home. Mia is terrified to find Annabelle in the baby’s nursery holding her brand new, expensive doll. She’s covered in blood and has drawn a crude symbol on the wall. She tells Mia, “I like your doll,” and as she dies a drop of blood drops on the doll. Annabelle’s death, the connection to demonology, and the use of doll inspires memories of the way Charles Lee Ray in Child’s Play possessed the Chucky doll.

The paranormal events start small with flickering lights and fuzzy television. Nothing seems to happen while John is home. Mia seems to be the target of the haunting. John does not believe her and as he is trying to study and relax it begins to cause a rift in the marriage. As the activity increases, the house almost burns down, and Mia suffers a fall.

When she comes to, she’s terrified that she’s lost her baby. She is relieved to learn that the baby is perfectly healthy. She’s worried about the house but John assures her that they can move early to the apartment. The move does not cut down the paranormal occurrences. The fear over the doll moving, Mia attempts to throw the doll away. Mysteriously, Annabelle makes the move with them. Mia begins to find drawings on the stairs. It is unknown if all of the drawings are from the children who live downstairs. As the drawing began to get macabre, such as the vision of her child getting hit by a truck, her fear grows. Mia is drawn to a bookstore to study the occult. She becomes friends with the store owner and having purchased several books, ends up placing the books in the baby carriage. Luckily, its the carriage full of books that is hit. Mia’s new friend, Rose tells her that she believes her stories. There is some hint that her daughter’s death has something to do with it. She had a vision of her daughter telling her, it was not time for her to cross over yet. She had something left to do.

Together the two women would discover that the demon could not take the baby’s soul. The priest would attempt to take the doll to the church to save Mia and the baby. However, the demon refused to go and would almost kill the priest before returning to seek revenge on Mia for turning the doll over to the priest.

The priest would reveal a baby could not make the choice to allow the demon to take its soul. It was to young to make its own choices. That Mia’s fear that the demon was out to take the baby were unfounded. The demon’s focus on the baby was only to entice Mia to choose between her child and her immortal soul. Would she make the ultimate sacrifice?

Mia would be up on the ledge ready to commit suicide just so the baby would be returned unharmed. Rose refused to let her. Rose had nothing to live for any longer, she explained. Her daughter had died in a car accident and she had survived. This was the reason she’d been allowed to walk away from such a tragic accident. She’d been allowed to live despite feeling she was responsible for the death of her daughter, (and unless I’m mistaken), some other innocent person. She had lived with depression long enough. Mia deserved a chance to live a long, happy life with her beautiful daughter. Before Mia could argue, Rose snatches the doll, and leaps to her death.

Even though the doll is found scratched up in a second hand store and purchased by a woman who thinks her daughter, who is studying to be a nurse would adore, the doll for its unique appearance. The doll and the nurses would appear in the opening of the Conjuring with the Warrens even though the Warrens did not officially reprise their roles in the Annabelle movie.

© 2018 Kristina Stancil


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