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Tru Blood: The Synthetic Blood On HBO's True Blood

Updated on June 22, 2011

Tru Blood Vampire Nourishment Beverage

Tru Blood Vampire Nourishment Beverage
Tru Blood Vampire Nourishment Beverage

Tru Blood From HBO"s True Blood

“Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink Friends”, is one of the catchy slogans for Tru Blood, the “synthetic blood nourishment beverage” vampires enjoy on the HBO series, True Blood. As described in the series, Japanese scientists invented the synthetic blood several years ago, which allowed vampires to come out of their coffins, into the mainstream living among the mortals. Vampires no longer have to kill humans to survive. Instead.. there’s Tru Blood.

Because the show has become such a sensation, viewers from across the globe have been asking about Tru Blood. They want to buy it. They want to taste it. They want to know more!

I’ve researched the topic and would like to share the Top 5 Things a mortal should know about Tru Blood.

1) Can you buy Tru Blood?

Yes and No.

Per HBO, the “The Tru Blood drink has been 'de-fictionalized' and has emerged into reality as a delicious blood orange carbonated drink.” The Tru Blood drink is packaged in an exact replica of the 14 oz. bottle design seen on the True Blood series.

The carbonated drink is “slightly tart, lightly sweet and subtly carbonated.” You can order a 4 pack for $16 or a 24 pack cases for $96. They also sell matching drink and shot glasses. (Visit for more info.)

You can not buy the blood substitute- Tru Blood our favorite vampire drink in the show.

Before the show aired, HBO sent promotional vials of a substance marked TB, which, per Internet chatter, included this marketing tagline:

"Tru Blood is pure, a substitute for the real thing. It will forever alter the way we live and interact with the human world. You are one of the first to receive a sample and become a pioneer of this eminent change. We invite you to become willing participants on this journey and tell others of our kind what you think of the product. IT HAS BEGUN."

There is a website,, where you can learn more about the beverage, the different blood types, view the print ads and order promotional items.

2) What do the different Tru Blood, blood types mean?

There are four blood types, each with its own unique flavor. Type O is strong to the point of ruthlessness. Type A is light and delicate. Type B is aggressive and energizing. Type AB is smooth and refined.

On you can take a short survey and the website recommends the right blood type for you. How often do you get the urge?

3) Chilled or room temperature?

Like human blood, Tru Blood is best enjoyed at room temperature or warm. Have a microwave handy.

Tru Blood "Suck It Up" Commercial

4) Can I see the Tru Blood ads?

Yes, the Tru Blood video ads are available on You Tube. The Tru Blood print ads can be downloaded from the website.

There are four slogans: “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink Friends”, “All Flavor, No Bite”, “Real Blood is For Suckers”, and “Suck This”. I would have loved to be in the creative brainstorming session that delivered these. Great job!

You can also download Tru Blood screensavers, wallpaper and IM buddy icons.

5) If I can’t get Tru Blood, what are my options?

Since humans have many other options than blood, your choices are endless. However, you may want to check out the Merlotte’s Bar Book on the HBO True Blood fan website. You can find True Blood inspired recipes such as the Vampire Kiss Martini, Classic Vampire, Blood Bath and the Fang Banger.

Also check out the True Blood Fan Store on

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Add your comments.. Tell me what's missing or right on...

True Blood Fan Store


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    • profile image

      jenny fan true blood and twilight 6 years ago

      just i love true blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • NateSean profile image

      NateSean 7 years ago from Salem, MA

      I very recently had the pleasure of drinking Tru Blood. I think it may be the healthiest energy drink out there, though I wish they would come out with more varieties, or at least different artwork on the bottles.

      If I collect too many of the "Type O" bottles it will eventually become hoarding. :p

    • profile image

      marissa 7 years ago

      i luv this show. i've watched every episode. i heard about it through friends and decided to watch it and also cuz i luv vamps. thx hub. keep writing!

    • diariesofvampires profile image

      diariesofvampires 8 years ago

      Awesome Hub! I love the show! I very much enjoyed this article. Keep writing, you are very good at it!

    • 4ever Mo profile image

      4ever Mo 8 years ago

      Interesting hub. trying to watch this show. my friends love it.

    • profile image

      Jonny 8 years ago

      i did a short trip to japan earlier this month and saw tru blood bottles in a store (unfortunately closed) in tokyo. I don't remember the label looking exactly like the HBO ones so would assume that they imitation ones (Beverage company's over there do some crazy things) Final Fantasy 'Potions' being another strange one.

    • profile image

      FlowerBite 8 years ago

      Since I, myself, was so frustrated with the lack of Tru:Blood in stores, I made this guide for us mortals out there (or Trubies as we've been known to be called) for anyone who wishes to make their own.

    • profile image

      True Blood 9 years ago

      I was actually on the Tru Beverage site looking to order. LOL. I actually thought the first Season of True Blood was great, it only took the previews and initial promos to get me excited. Awaiting patiently for Season 2 this June 09

      True Blood Net

    • Reynolds_Writing profile image

      Reynolds_Writing 9 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Yes, I agree.. I'd like to have a Tru Blood bottle in my work office for show and tell.

    • profile image

      WifeIsTrueBloodFan 9 years ago

      I wanted to buy some of the Tru Blood bottles as a gift for my wife who is a big fan. Too bad you can't buy them!

    • Candace Morgan profile image

      Candace Morgan 9 years ago from New York

      Another interesting Hub. I do LOVE this show!!!!