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Twenty beloved celebrities that died in 2016

Updated on October 13, 2016
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A 28yr old student Doctor with a passion for writing. Sharing my passion everywhere I get the opportunity to.

Some died of natural causes and others of freak accidents that may or may not be explainable. Either way, these are some of the people that have worked themselves into our hearts by sharing with the world their talents and skills.

They may be gone but they certainly won't be forgotten. Luckily they have left behind quite the legacy for us all to enjoy.

List of 20 celebrities that have passed in 2016!

  1. Doris Roberts
  2. Prince
  3. Muhammed Ali
  4. Frank Sinatra Jr.
  5. Gary Shandling
  6. Nancy Reagan
  7. George Martin
  8. Terry Wogan
  9. Alan Rickman
  10. David Bowie
  11. Patty Duke
  12. Bill Henderson
  13. Harper Lee
  14. Abe Vigoda
  15. Glen Frey
  16. Natalie Cole
  17. Paul Bley
  18. Pat Conroy
  19. Anton Yelchin
  20. Bill Cunningham

Exploring the first 5 celebrities of the list

  • Doris Roberts

    Emmy winning actress from "Everybody loves Raymond", died at age 90.

  • Prince

    Music legend, died at age 57.

  • Muhammed Ali

    Boxing legend died at age 74.

  • Frank Sinatra Jr.

    Famous singer died at age 72.

  • Gary Shandling

    Stand- up comedian, writer and actor died at age 66.

Which of the above celebrities had the greatest impact on your life?

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Onto the next 5 celebrities on the above list

  • Nancy Reagan

    American actress died at age 94.

  • George Martin

    Record producing arranger and composer, died at age 90.

  • Terry Wogan

    BBC commentator, died at age 77.

  • Alan Rickman

    Famous actor and director, died at age 69.

  • David Bowie

    Famous singer, song writer and actor, died at age 69.

Celebrity Trivia Question 1

What was Nancy Reagan famous for?

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Don't count the days, make the days count.

— Muhammed Ali

Onto the next five celebrities on the list above

  • Patty Duke

    Famous Actress and author, died at age 69.

  • Bill Henderson

    American Jazz singer and actor, died at age 90

  • Harper Lee

    Famous Author of "To kill a Mockingbird", died at age 89.

  • Abe Vigoda

    Famous Actor died at age 94.

  • Glenn Frey

    Singer, songwriter and actor, died at age 67

What is your favorite song by Prince?

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The final 5 celebrities on the list

  • Natalie Cole

    R&B singer and daughter of music legend Nat King Cole. Died at age 65.

  • Paul Bley

    Musician and composer, died at age 83.

  • Pat Conroy

    Famous Novelist, literary fiction as well as non fiction, died at age 70.

  • Anton Yelchin

    Star Trek actor, died at age 27.

  • Bill Cunningham

    Famed fashion Photographer to the stars and more, died at age 87.

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