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Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Film Review

Updated on January 30, 2013

As it was my birthday on Saturday i went to see the new Twilight breaking dawn part 2 movie. It had just been released the day before. The tickets had been booked in advance because my friend and I knew the cinema would be full and it was jam packed. We had selected to see the film in IMAX and the screen was huge! I had to put my head right back on the seat just to be able to see the whole of the screen. I have to say that out of all the twilight films in the saga, the last and final one is my least favourite. It wasn't the epic conclusion that I was hoping for.

This may contain spoilers by the way, so if you haven't seen the film yet, i wouldn't suggest reading much further. Part of me was hoping that Edward would die and Bella and Jacob would get together. (If i had to pick a side i was always going with team jacob). The ending of the film was far too predicatable and happy, some kind of dramatic twist is what i was hoping for. I felt sorry for Jacob in this film. He had saved Bella's daughter by imprinting on her in the first breaking dawn film but as soon as Bella awakes she quickly turns on Jacob, instead of thanking him and being grateful to him for saving her daughters life. (because after all, if he hadn't imprinted on Bella's daughter his family pack of wolves would have clearly killed her).

In this film Bella gets an attitude. Being a new blooded vampire she is uncontrollable at first and wants to suck the blood of anything that crosses her path. This film was quite disappointing. I thought it was a bit late to start introducing new characters at this late stage of the saga or 'witnesses' was what they were called in the film. The Italian maffia as one of the characters call them get some information from Edwards cousin who tell them that Bella and Edward had created an immortal child, after she had seen Renesmee playing in the snow. But she was mistaken, instead of seeing for herself that Renesmee was not an immortal child she ran straight to the volturi telling tales on Bella and Edward. This was probably because she had alway been angry at Bella for the death of the dread locked vampire (Laurent) who was supposedly her boyfriend and got killed by the wolves for trying to attack bella. She was obviously seeking some kind of revenge by being a trouble causing cousin. Her actions cause the volturi to seek out the Cullens for a battle, because in vampire law immortal childern are not aloud. Alice and Jasper in the mean time sneek away to look for their own witnesses so that they can gather some proof to give to the volturi that Renesmee is not an immortal child. All the witnesses and the volturi gather together in a snowy field and Alice shows Aro the main volturi man a premonition of what will happen to them all if they proceed with the battle. Aro sees his own death and the film cons the audience into thinking it is a real battle and carlise and Jasper get killed. But they don't really as the film then shows the audience that it is just one of Alice's premonitions. Having seen his own death Aro decides to let the Cullen pack live and Alice show him a witness found from another tribe who is half immortal and half vampire to prove that they can live in piece and are no harm to anyone. Alice has one final premonition back at the Cullens home that Edawrd and Bella and Jacob and Renesmee all live happily ever after forever! (I personally wanted Edward to die and Jacob to end up with Bella) I think twilight is just one huge rip off of Dracula (Which is my favourite film and Gary Oldman is a much better actor than Robert Patz) Just saying.

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