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Twilight zone-A classic

Updated on June 23, 2013

The Twilight Zone!

Rod Serling
Rod Serling

A classic!

What comes to your mind, when you hear the words-TWILIGHT ZONE? Fear, horror or excitement? Perhaps many reading this weren't born when it first aired, but I remember the Twilight Zone growing up in New York City. My mom would be watching it when it aired on our old black and white TV. Watching it with her, I would be amazed at the episodes and the different twists that the plots ended on.

Twilight zone marathons!

How many of you have seen Twilight zone marathons? Especially on New Years day? These classic episodes are priceless. I was, always, amazed at how the story would be introduced.The episode would begin with just a normal day(usually) and then, you would see Rod Serling, giving a little background on what was to come. As you heard his words, one could anticipate some excitement, at times, some fear.

Twilight zone has been around for generations. I may be a little biased, but I like the old black and white episodes. Most of you, probably, don't remember this, but the Twilight Zone was a spinoff from Westinghouse Desilu's playhouse. In it, you see Mr. Desi Arnaz (Ricky Ricardo) making the introduction for what would be the plot from Rod Serling story entitled THE TIME ELEMENT made in the late 50's. I, actually, saw some scenes of this and I have provided a link that will show some scenes for your enjoyment.

The plot centers around a man named Peter Jenson (William Bendix), who sees a psychoanalyst (Martin Balsam). Mr Jenson claims he has traveled to the past. He is in Hawaii in Dec 6, 1941, a day before the Pearl Harbor attack. Frightened, He tries to warn the people but to no avail. It is a great story, truly written in the true Rod Serling tradition. Afterwards, CBS decided to launch talks with Rod Serling on doing a series of Twilight zones episodes.

William Bendix--The original life of Riley!
William Bendix--The original life of Riley! | Source

What is your favorite Twilight zone episode?

My favorite episode was Kick the Can set in 1962. If memory serves me right, It centers on a retirement home and the people are reminiscing about regaining their youth. Somehow in the episode, one of them thinks that if they can go out and play kick the can, they will regain their youth. There is one skeptic in the group and he stays behind. The plot thickens, when the group goes out to play kick the can.

After a few hours, the staff notices that they are missing. They, then go out to look for them and wind up chasing some kids playing kick the can. The skeptic sees this and recognizes one of the youths as his buddy. He then, cries out, something like-"Take me with you!" The plot finishes with the usual. Rod Serling sharing his thoughts -IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE!

I like most of the episodes of the Twilight zone because it made you think. Rod Serling's opening to prepare us for the unexplained and closing at the end to offer his thoughts. This episode made me think and causes me to ask-If given a chance to go back to the past-What things would you change? Some would say not marry my mate, but think about it, would you be worse off? Questions to be asked in the Twilight zone! Seriously, if you can change your past, What would it be? Your thoughts will be welcome. Maybe we could develop a plot for the Twilight Zone? (Smile)

The Movie.

Thirty years ago, Twilight zone was brought to the movies. Vic Morrow, who starred in the Combat series, had a role.Sadly, it took on a tragic turn when an accident happened in which he lost his life. After they edited the scene, the movie continued filming.and was completed. I did not have a chance to see the whole movie, just portions of it. From what I could see, it was well-made but did not hold a candle to the original one. Maybe another one is in the works, but regardless, the Twilight zone is here to stay!

Vic Morrow in the role of Sarge in Combat.
Vic Morrow in the role of Sarge in Combat.

Imagine that you are in the Twilight zone and had a chance to go back and change your past? Would you do it?

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    • melpor profile image

      Melvin Porter 7 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      Montecristo, I remember the black and white episodes of the Twilight Zone. They were all good. My favorite episode was "To serve" where aliens from another world come to earth and convince everyone to board their ship for a trip to their planet and in the end one of the scientist realize the aliens are only taking them to their world to eat them. The book the alien is reading is a cookbook. Good episode and there are many more. Good hub. Thumbs up.