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Twilight's Breaking Dawn Can Bite Me!

Updated on September 4, 2013

Stephanie Meyer Twilight Series

Michelle + Sunshine = Team Jacob!
Michelle + Sunshine = Team Jacob! | Source

Team Edward vs Team Jacob

It was never my intention to become a fan of the Twilight series. It happened when I least expected it.

I remember the moment I caved very vividly. My daughter Michelle was and still is a Twilight fan and a member of Team Jacob. I would watch her devour each page as she read each book and she would share bits and pieces of the Cullen saga with me. She was careful as to not give away too much vital information. Just enough to tease my curiosity. I half-listened because it was a teen love story about vampires and werewolves, I wasn't interested.

Come on, I have much better things to read to indulge my literary appetite. Michelle wouldn't back off. She was determined for me to become part of the pack. She continued to share tidbits of info and leer at me. I was getting a tad concerned with her obsession but I thought...this too shall pass. I also began to notice she was shaving her legs less often. Hmmm, possibly a new phase?

Michelle knew how much I enjoyed rainy days. One rainy Saturday she mentioned to me that "the Cullens enjoy the rain as much as you do." Enough already! I gave in and told her I would appease her and read a couple of chapters. It didn't take me long to fall for the series hook, line and sinker! After a few chapters I couldn't get enough of Edward, Jacob and Bella! I was addicted to every character and their intense roles. I contemplated becoming a vampire! I wondered what blood tasted like! I even considered biting someone just to find out! I wanted to be as powerful as a werewolf. I wanted my skin to glisten like the Cullen family. I wanted my stride to glide across the floor like Edward!

I love the sunshine, yet I wanted more and more dark, dreary days! I was an addict!!! I couldn't wait to finish book one to continue on to book two. I was in a trance most of the time. I had vampires and werewolves dancing around in my head. Twilight was a brilliant book and it had more than peaked my interest! I wanted and needed more as soon as possible!

I immediately continued on to New Moon. I won't divulge any of the storyline because there are actually people, who believe it or not still haven't read the books or seen the movies! I don't want to take anything away from their enjoyment. I will say that New Moon was beyond fascinating. Bella was a warm, loving daughter who treated her father like a king. They were a happy family. You could feel the caring, compassionate yet slight tension between Bella and Edward. The drama was continuous. Never ending. I was officially a member of Team Jacob!

Then came book three Eclipse. My daughter was thrilled that I was an addict. I'm kind of impatient and since she already knew what was going to happen next I would try to coax her into sharing some info with me. She refused. Ugh! I would try on the sly and ask about Jacob or Bella. Nothing. Just a grin and she would glide away! I swear I saw her glide and her skin was beginning to illuminate slight shimmery spots, but she informed me it was just my imagination. Yea right! I gave up asking her to indulge me in what was going to happen next. Come on, you seriously didn't believe I gave up, did you?!

It was now time for book four, Breaking Dawn. The story started out very slow, sort of like watching honey drip off a spoon except there was no sweetness to the plot. I kept on reading because I was certain this book had to be just as interesting and mind-blowing as the other three! How could it not be? I was on the edge of my seat with books 1-3 how could the storyline fizzle out now? Each day I would reluctantly pick up the book again and think this is the day that the storyline will pick up. There were intriguing aspects to the storyline yet it took forever and a day to finally get to them. I figured out what was bound to happen. There were no shockers for me. I completed the series.

Personally I relate Breaking Dawn to having a root canal. A long drawn out process that you have to do even though you don't want to. It was at this point that I no longer wanted to be a vampire or a werewolf. I handed the book four back to Michelle and said, Breaking Dawn can bite me! She smiled at me and that's when I noticed her fangs!!! I closed my eyes and looked again and realized it was my imagination! I needed to get this story out of my head pronto!!!

I was coerced into watching the Twilight movie by you guessed it....Michelle. I watched it and again the truth stands, the book is so much better then the movie. In the movie Bella was dull and lifeless. She was so much more energetic and vigorous in the book. Edward was much better looking and his smooth gliding stride was flawless while reading the story. Jacob was appealing in the book and in the movie. The werewolves and their stances were more amazing in the book. If you only watched the movies and didn't read the books you have missed out on a lot! One thing I learned from watching the Twilight movie and one half of the New Moon movie is that I was still a Team Jacob fan!

I watched the Harry Potter movies but didn't read the books. I'm sure HP fans will tell me that I missed out on so much due to not reading the books. As a matter of fact I have heard that from fans and I believe them!

Breaking Dawn book 4 shouldn't have been written. The entire book could have been a few more chapters added to book 3. A complete trilogy. When I heard that Breaking Dawn was going to be made into two movies all I thought was greed. The plan was to take the fans on a ride and gross as much money as possible. The plan was a success. Breaking Dawn Part 1 grossed $139 million in the U.S. This movie fell short of topping New Moon which grossed $142 million. I wonder if the fans appetites will be fulfilled at the end?

I've heard some reviews from moviegoers and I heard the same thing over and over .... slow start but it was OK! None of the fans I spoke with read the books. I devoted a chunk of my time into the Twilight series and I would have preferred to walk away a content fan and not telling Breaking Dawn to bite me! I will have Edward, Jacob and Bella from the books etched in my memory. Not the characters from the movies. I thank Michelle for being persistent and I highly suggest that she starts shaving again. Team Jacob!!


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© 2011 Linda Bilyeu


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