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Twisted -- I Confess II

Updated on August 5, 2013

This episode had a lot in common with the Pretty Little Liara

I saw posters pointing it out and they had a point. They had people going around in look-a-like Halloween masks, although the Halloween masks actually looked like Danny and none of the masks on Pretty Little Liars look much like who they're supposed to be masks of. And we even had a character go to the police and confess to killing someone to protect someone.

Danny started his day with someone vandalizing his yard by throwing jump ropes similar to the one he used to kill Aunt Tara all over the lawn. Then when he and Lacey were having a secret rendezvous, they were harassed by a bunch of Danny Desai mask wearing thugs. Lacey was afraid someone she knew might have seen her with Danny, as she wants to keep their relationship a secret so she can have her cake and ea it too. She won't let Danny tell Jo about it, either, which would probably be a good thing if he did, so Jo will stop thinking about confessing her feelings for him.

Rico raised his ratdom to new levels this episode. While he spent most of the episode trying to undermine Jo's trust in Danny and making sure she didn't go to him and tell him how she feels. Meanwhile he's still acting like he's Team Danny around him, he even has the nerve to come to Danny's party and he even let Danny give him love advice, never knowing the rat has done his best to get him arrested for Regina's murder.

Even though he's a nicer less in your face type he's another Sarita. Both Sarita and Rico want Lacey and Jo to stay in the tight little box they want to keep them in. Both girls should blow these two losers off pronto.

I was glad Danny referred to Jo as his sister to stop her from embarrassing herself and that he spurred her on to take Tyler up on his offer of a date. Anyone but that controlling two-faced rat Rico. Jo and Tyler were cute together and he seemed to genuinely seem to like her. Too bad he turned out to be a turkey in the end who ruined Danny's party.

Lacey won't come to Danny's party because it might upset her mean girl and guy friends. Dumping Archie was as big a risk as she's willing to take. However, when Phoebe says her brother was going on about something big he has planned at Danny's party, she changes her mind. Meanwhile, Danny has changed his mind about Tyler being a good guy and tells Jo he doesn't trust him, but Jo likes him and she won't go along with Danny's suspicions.

Lacey arrives and pulls Jo aside to tell he Phoebe said Tyler was planning something big for the party, and before they can stop it the Danny Desai Masketeers arrive and reenact Danny killing Aunt Tara. Thankfully, Karen arrives on the scene and throws them all out. When Jo confronts Tyler about what he did, he claims his film will make Danny look sympathetic.

Meanwhile not knowing that Rico the rat has done his best to get him arrested for Regina's murder, when Danny sees Rico is crushing on Jo, he urges him to tell her how he feels. No doubt feeling Rico who he think is pro-him is a better match than Tyler.

Kyle finally confronted Karen with Tara's necklace and said they have a witness that saw her throwing it away. She leaves the police station and comes home to Rico the rat drinking her booze, which she yanks out of her hand, not knowing she's just come face-to-face with the witness against her and the whole stunt to ruin Danny's party. Afterwards, she returns to the police station and confesses to killing Regina.

Meanwhile another of those Danny Desai Masketeers is peering in Danny's window as he and Lacey are getting down and dirty on the sofa. He's filming the whole thing, so it looks like Lacey won't be able to keep her secret romance a secret for very much longer.

Kyle is obsessed with trying to pin Regina's murder on Danny, so is he really going to buy that Karen did it? Her confession seems very spur of the moment unlike Mona who practiced with Hanna how to make her story believable. Can she really make up a convincing lie to make Kyle believe she did it? Or will any Desai do for him, since he's been taking too long to make an arrest.

With Karen confessing to the crime, will Rico the rat finally fess up to being the one to rat her out to the cops? Will Jo forgive him and turn on Danny as the rat hopes? What will Lacey do if her secret romance with Danny comes out and her mean but popular friends turn on her? Will she in turn turn on Danny? Is Vikram still alive? What was this bad blood between Vikram and Tara about? And did Vikram give Regina Tara's necklace or did someone else do it? What is Tyler's game? And just who are the Danny Desai Masketeers? Are they kids or could they actually be adults?

Yeah, this show has created a lot of questions, with few answers. However it's still early days and the show isn't even through it's half-season yet.

I actually found myself being pulled into the show a little more this week. Generally, after watching I can be left cold and bit disturbed. The creepy this is that while Danny has been pinned with the title socio, I think you could also pin that title on a few of the other teens and adults on this show.

In the end I have to wonder if we've become a society that is too into sticking labels on people and only tolerates cookie cutter behavior. If you don't fit the cookie cutter behavior you get slapped with a label like obsessive compulsive, narcissist or sociopath.



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