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Twisted -- Rico The Rat

Updated on July 17, 2013

And Vikram the rodent

This kind of seemed like a filler episode as nothing much really happened. We did, however learn something about Danny's father, Vikram, and the possibility the man might still be alive.

Rico was just chomping at the bit to tell Jo what he saw on the way home from the dance, but he didn't have the guts to do it. When Barney couldn't find Jo after refusing to allow her to leave the house, Rico started hanging out with him, so you knew it was only a matter of time before the rat squealed and told Barney about what he saw. And when he blabbed he was sure to mention how he was sure it was a necklace Karen threw away cause he saw it glinting in the moonlight. I'm surprised Barney wasn't licking his lips in glee as he was at a dead end to find a way to pin the murder on Danny. God forbid he actually investigate the crime and look for another suspect.

Danny found the necklace missing and confronted Karen about it. He was upset that she thought he might have killed Regina. Seriously? Dude, you lied straight to your mother's face about not having the necklace and she's the bad guy for not believing you? He claimed someone left it in his locker at school. That's always possible, but he lies so much it's hard to know when he's actually telling the truth. He says Karen ruined it by getting rid of the necklace as it was a major clue.

Karen stopped by Tess' to pay for Danny's pottery class and she and Tess spent a pleasant evening together. It was nice seeing Karen relax for a bit. She even let Tess show her how to do some pottery. Unfortunately, things took an ugly turn when Tess suggested she and Karen get high. Okay, this really demonstrates just how dumb and what a bad cop Barney is when he doesn't even know his wife has got a stash right under his nose.

Anyway, while they're both flying high, Tess let's it slip that she knew Karen's husband, Vikram in the biblical sense. Karen has a cow and storms off. Later, she comes back and apologizes after sobering up and says it was a long time ago. Question is will Karen take up Tess' suggestion she take her time up with a hobby or getting a job. Yeah, I'd like to see Karen get a job in that town. Not going to happen.

Now that Lacey's decided to help Danny, she seems to want to cut Jo out of the equation, even though it was Jo who stood up for Danny since the Regina thing started. Jo, however, isn't going to be cut out and tags along when they go to the address on the envelope Lacey found. On the road trip the girls start sniping at each other and it comes out how their friendship broke-up. I didn't really care because real friends don't dump their friends so they'll be accepted by the popular kids. If you look at the type of people Lacey surrounds herself with it tells what type of person she is. And the fact she's still friends with that nasty little cow Sarita after she publicly humiliated Jp at school really says it all.

The fact is these two really have nothing in common aside from Danny. Lacey is all about appearances and how people view her and Jo is just the opposite. They're like oil and water and don't mix.

The security guard at the building won't let them into the apartment number on the envelope or tell them anything, so Danny decides to do a breaking and entering and gets caught. Meanwhile Jo gets on the computer and looks up the name of who lives/lived in that apartment and it's none other that Vikram Desai. Since Regina got that envelope a couple of weeks before her death, does that mean Vikram could be alive? After all, a body was never found.

Since Danny worshiped his father, the girls bond together and vow not to tell Danny who the apartment belonged to.

This episode does provide a few questions:

Does Kyle aka Barney know about Tess' past with Vikram? Does that play a part in his animosity towards Danny? And is that the only personal connection that the Masterson family has with the Desai family?

Will Rico have the guts to go to Jo and tell her what he did or will he just keep quiet and wait for it to come out on its own? And when they search the lake will they find the necklace? Or will someone have already found it and beaten the police to the punch?

And what of Vikram? Could the man have faked his death? Or did someone try to kill him? The story is he got drunk and drowned, but no body was ever found. Could Vikram had given Regina the necklace? Was she blackmailing Vikram? When the police returned Tara's necklace, the most logical thing to think is Vikram would have been given it.

Is Danny telling the truth about how he got possession of the necklace? Did someone leave it for him in his locker to try and set him up? Was it really Regina that texted Danny the night she was killed or could it been the killer trying to set Danny up for the crime? Did they hope to lure him to the scene of the crime and when that didn't work they planted evidence in his locker?

It doesn't seem like Danny's own father would set him up to take the fall if he was still alive, so who really killed Regina? Despite that fake little shrine last week dedicated to Saint Regina, it appears the girl was a blackmailer among many other things. She had a lot of enemies. Even the members of her mean girl squad didn't like her. So did one of them kill her, feeling that the perfect fall guy to pin it on and get away with it had arrived when Regina had taken a shine to Danny?

I have to hand it to this show for putting out the most deceptive promo of the week. It appeared in it that Barney had arrested Danny and he was about to go all psycho and stab him. It also appeared that the scene on the bench where Danny was saying how much Jo means to him was a romantic moment between them, when he was actually talking about both her and Lacey.

They really need to stop trying to sell this thing as some kind of triangle, because the show is clearly making it one-sided and all in favor of shallow superficial Lacey.


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