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Twisted -- The Dinner Party

Updated on June 24, 2013

Karen's keeping the principal happy

I was very late watching this episode. I'm not really sure how I feel about a show where the lead character could be a serial killer. I honestly can't say with a certainty that he didn't kill Regina. If he didn't do it, how did he get the necklace?

Chief Masterson demands Jo stay away from Danny. He has a fit when he finds her with him. She and Rico were discussing with Danny ways they could clear him. Jo thinks that maybe if they could have dinner with their mothers, her mother might speak to her father. Unfortunately, Archie [Lacey's boyfriend] comes by and taunts Danny about being sent back to prison. Danny taunts him back saying he'll end up there, too, as his cell mate. The boys get into a fight and Jo turns on Danny, saying maybe her father is right about him and she really doesn't know him anymore.

Surprisingly, the principal doesn't come down hard on Danny or blame him for the incident with Archie. He just orders counseling for both boys. Actually, it's not so surprising. It turns out that Karen is servicing Principal Tang. When she comes to visit him, he wants to get amorous but she's not in the mood. She also won't let him brush her hair. When he sniffs her hair brush in front of her she tells him to quit it because she's creepy.

Karen also stops by to see Jo's mother Tess, to try and get her husband to back off of Danny, but she won't do it. This leads Karen to go to the Chief and tell him Danny was with Lacey all night the night Regina was killed, but he won't believe it or even investigate what she's saying to see if it's true. He shows her a picture of Regina's necklace and Karen is unable to hide her reaction to it, although she claims she never saw it before.

Danny runs into Lacey at their old hang-out and learns Jo has been keeping it up all these years so it didn't fall apart. This gets Danny to apologize to Jo and to invite her and her mother for dinner. Rico asks to come, as well. The dinner quickly becomes a disaster when Chief Masterson invites himself to the dinner. Danny has to get rid of the picture of his aunt wearing the necklace before he notices it.

Meanwhile the Chief goes into Barney Fife territory when he claims to want to use the bathroom, but tries to search Danny's bedroom. Danny catches him and stops him in the process. Seriously, even if he found anything incriminating does this fool think he could use it to charge Danny or against him in a court case? He doesn't have a search warrant. Inviting yourself to a dinner party you weren't even invited to doesn't give you a right to do a search and seizure. If that's the kind of cop this idiot is, then I highly doubt he'll ever figure out who killed Regina. Especially since he's stuck on one person and isn't looking for any other suspects.

Regina was the mean girl at school. When Phoebe, Regina's rival, uses Regina's death to get herself on the news and sets up a grief counseling session, Lacey calls her out on her hypocrisy. This leads to Phoebe telling Lacey how her friendship with Regina ended. She'd told Regina she had a crush on a boy, and Regina went and told the boy that Phoebe had a STD, so he'd want noting to do with her. Then Regina said she was interested in him before Phoebe was so she had dibs on him. After that their friendship was over.

Even Sarita, who was a member of Regina's mean girl squad, told Lacey that Regina was a bitch, they loved her in spite of that, but could they just stop talking about her because she's dead.

So Regina had a lot of enemies. Any one of them could have killed her. Regina got Danny's Aunt Tara's necklace six or seven months ago. I can't recall, but isn't that around the time Danny's father died? So, how gave it to her? Where was the necklace for the last four and a half years after she was killed?

Of course, Chief Doofus doesn't even try to find out where Regina got the necklace from. Someone stole it. Well, Danny apparently. But still, shouldn't that warrant this Keystone Kop to try and find out just where Regina got the necklace from?

The dinner party becomes a disaster when Karen goes on the attack against Tess for not allowing Jo to be a character witness at Danny's trial. Then the Chief fires back that Danny's lucky he only got five years. After that it quickly breaks up. Afterwards Karen says she needs to speak to Danny. I'm not sure about what. Telling the Chief about Lacey spending the night when Danny told her not to or about the necklace she recognized.

Later, Jo vows to Danny she won't desert him, but she's said it before, and the first time he does the least little thing she doesn't like, she's ready to walk. She also tells her father she's convinced he didn't kill Regina and she's not going to desert Danny. Meanwhile, Tess makes the Chief's day by saying that either Karen or Danny hid a picture of his aunt. That when they arrived it was there and when they left it was gone. You could practically see this incompetent idiot rubbing his hands together in glee.

At the end of the show, Danny burns all the photos of his aunt, but he can't bring himself to destroying her necklace. Just why is this necklace so important? Why wouldn't Regina take it off, especially if she knew it had probably been around a dead woman's neck when she was killed. Sorry, but no one would want to wear a necklace like that if they knew its origins.

Finally, Danny claims he won't say why he killed his aunt, and it's because he's protecting Jo. Is it possible her father could somehow be involved? Is that why he's so hot to pin Regina's death on Danny?


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