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Twisted -- The Expulsion

Updated on August 18, 2013

Jo can't quit Danny

Gloria, Regina's mean girl mommy, decides if she can't get Danny one way, she'll get him another. Since Danny hasn't been arrested for whacking her mean girl daughter, she decides to use her position on the school board to spearhead a movement to expel Danny from school, using the suspicion that Danny poisoned his friend Cole. Unfortunately for Danny, Cole has now turned on him and believes he tried to kill him. No doubt thanks to good old Archie whispering in his ears his version of who Danny is.

Now that Lacey has kicked Danny to the curb, she's urging Jo to do the same. Jo gives it the old college try but ends up getting sucked back into Danny Land when she's talking to Tyler and he mentions something about the footage he made for his movie. It seems that Jo and Tyler may have only just begun as he seems to be genuinely interested in her. Tyler helps them find footage of the interview he did with Cole where he's talking about how he feels Danny is a friend. A far cry from what Cole is saying about Danny now. Danny shows Cole the footage, but he plans to stick with his new story. Seems he doesn't want to face being ostracized by the mean popular kids in school by going against the grain.

While all this is going on Rico is trying to get one of his fellow nerds to delete the Lacey/Danny make-out video. Apparently, he found a mask lying outside, popped it on and then filmed the scene. Rico tells Lacey what's up and she goes and plays mean girl to the nerds. Unfortunately, one of the nerd herd is a girl nerd who is vindictive and doesn't like Lacey attitude so she releases the video and it goes viral all over school. As the old saying goes you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. And bullying a nerd is the vinegar route.

Meanwhile the Mayor is leaning on Kyle to arrest Danny and he seems a bit uncomfortable when Kyle tells him about Vikram's Connecticut company. Kyle doesn't mention his suspicion that perhaps Vikram isn't dead, after all. He asks the mayor to look into the records to see what he can find. Instead of doing that he finds an investigator he can put on his payroll who will do what he wants and find enough dirt to arrest Danny for Regina's murder whether he's guilty or not. Is it possible the Mayor is either involved somehow in Regina's murder and/or Vikram's secret company?

Karen decides she and Danny will fight Gloria's attempt to expel Danny, so a hearing is held. In the end Cole speaks up for Danny and says he doesn't believe Danny tried to poison him. And when Jo goes on the stand to speak up for Danny she reveals she's in love with him, much to Danny's shock.

Things get nasty between Gloria and Karen when she starts getting nasty about Danny in front of everyone, so Karen decides to turn the tables on her and tell her just what her precious daughter Regina was...a whore. That was my favorite moment of the entire episode and Karen is really becoming one of my favorite characters on the show. I'm not a fan of Denise Richards, but I am liking Karen more and more as time goes by. I know everyone acted like Karen was horrible for speaking the truth about Regina, but the way everyone is acting like this girl was some kind of plaster saint was ridiculous. She slept with anything in pants and she was a mean little bully just like her pal Sarita is.

I don't know why, but I can't help wondering if it's possible if Gloria is the one who killed Regina. There's just something off about her. Or maybe it's just she obviously was a mean girl like her daughter in high school and she stayed one as an adult. She's quite possibly one of the most unlikable characters on the show and I can't feel any pity for her because her mean girl daughter was killed. She just doesn't inspire it with her cold Ice Queen attitude.

Unfortunately for Danny, Gloria gets her way and Danny is expelled even though the person he supposedly poisoned said he doesn't believe he did it. But in this town if the masses are out to get you, being innocent makes no difference in the matter.

Danny tells Jo just how much she means to him, but she knows he doesn't love her and she fine with it. However, what she may not be fine with is Danny keeping another secret from her. Jo told Lacey about her feelings for Danny and said she wouldn't have dated Danny without telling Lacey first, since her friendship with Lacey is so important to her. Lacey tried to tell her about her and Danny but it didn't happen. When Jo is with Rico she gets a text and sees Danny and Lacey's make-out session on his couch. So ironically the one person that might have stood loyal to Lacey won't because she was lied to. It seems after all the years of Lacey dumping Jo for the popular kids may finally come back to bite her when Jo dumps her for lying to her.

The video is seen by the entire school. Sarita, Archie and Phoebe are not pleased. Seems the superficial crowd that Lacey loves to hang with may turn on her now the truth is out there. Guess good old Archie won't be chuckling over his victory in getting Danny expelled and kicked off the team. Seems he's going to be the butt of everyone's jokes as everyone realizes Lacey dumped his butt to hook up with Danny.

In a way it's kind of karma. Lacey courted these people as friends who are shallow, disloyal backstabbers. They'll probably be as loyal to her as she's been to old friends Danny and Jo. Seems Lacey is going to find out what it's like to have this mean shallow superficial cretins turn on her and treat her like they treat everyone else.


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