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Twisted -- The Outcasts Join The Mainstream

Updated on June 26, 2013

Is the Chief even trying to look for another suspect?

It doesn't look like it. Masterson has got his mind set on who did it and he's not going to look for anyone else. He thinks Danny did it, because that's who he wants to have done it. Since the necklace she was wearing disappeared has he even spent two seconds trying to discover just how Regina got that necklace? Just who gave it to her? Does he think that maybe with Danny back in town and going to the same school as Regina that he would see the necklace and recognize it? That maybe that's why she was killed? No, and I can't help wondering if he isn't just as threatened having Danny back in town and he's looking for the first excuse to get rid of him.

Danny claims he won't tell why he killed Tara because he's protecting Jo. If that's true, that would suggest the Mastersons are also involved in the death of Aunt Tara. The only way I can see that Danny is protecting Jo with his silence if maybe it wasn't Danny, but Jo who actually killed her. She could have killed her and blanked it out and the Chief may know it. But why would Jo have killed Aunt Tara?

Some have suggested that the Chief might have been having an affair with Aunt Tara. If Jo found out and saw them, Jo might have gone after Aunt Tara. This week we saw that the Mastersons marriage isn't as perfect as it seems. When Jo saw them kissing she commented on it, but it made me wonder if that's really the truth of the manner.

Barney Fife went over to Karen's pretending to want to apologize for his behavior during dinner, but he was really trying to get an invitation inside so he could try another attempt at search and seizure since his first attempt worked so well. Karen isn't biting this time and slams the door in his face, but his visit alerts her to the fact one of the photos is missing. She then goes through the family album and finds all the pictures of Tara gone. When Danny comes home, she confronts him. He lies to her about the necklace but she tells him she believes he's telling the truth.

Barney finally gets what he's looking for when he's helping Tess clear out some old stuff. He's going through old photos and sees one of Tara wearing her necklace and you can practically see him rubbing his hands in glee. He's got him now. Earlier, Lacey admitted to spending the night with Danny, but Barney was sure delighted when she said she was asleep so he could still pin it on him. I'm not saying Danny is innocent, but it ticks me off what a crooked cop he is. Doing illegal searches and not even trying to do a real investigation since he's got his mind set on who it is and is going about to back-up his beliefs. Cops like him are why people distrust the police.

Danny comments to Jo that all she does is study, so she decides to be more outgoing. When one of the In Crowd wants to change lab teams because she's feeling ill-used by Scott the Snot, Jo takes the opportunity to get on that lab group hoping to find out what happened the night Regina was killed. And when Lacey won't believe that Danny didn't rat her out to the cops, Jo suggests they join the sobriety play being put on by the In-Crowd.

This doesn't sit well with Rico who feels like Jo is bored with him and deserting him for the In-Crowd. She assures him that's not true, and she also comes up with a new suspect in Regina's death. Seems Archie lied to the cops. He said he was home all night, but she hears him talking to Scott about boring Scott's car all night the night Regina died.

Danny's shrink wants him to try and fit in at school, so he tries making piece with Archie, but Archie accuses him of being into Lacey, which he is. When he's talking to her it looks like they might kiss. Archie tells Danny he's a manipulator who manipulates people to get what he wants, and maybe he has a point. As part of fitting in he rewrites the sobriety play to try and get to Lacey and get her to be friends with him again and joins the soccer team.

At the sobriety play, Sarita publicly humiliates Jo by playing footage from the night Jo was drunk. She thinks what she did was cute, but it causes Jo to run out in shame, and Rico goes after her to make sure she's okay. While Lacey complains what Sarita did, she doesn't blow her off, permanently. Being in with the popular kids is still more important to her than her old childhood friends.

I really like Jo and Danny as a potential couple, but he really doesn't seem to be into her that way. The one he obviously wants is Lacey. And I also like Rico and Jo together. I actually find a potential triangle between Rico, Jo and Danny more interesting. I just find Lacey very plastic and shallow. But a lot of men go for the shallow plastic ones and ignore the ones who might be good for them.

So Archie doesn't have an alibi. I could understand lying to the police if he had a reason to kill Regina, but why lie if you're not even a suspect. Just what was he doing all that night that he needed a car to do it? And I'm sure plenty of others had reason to kill Regina if she treated everyone the way she treated Phoebe. She may have pushed someone too far.

Of course, there's always possible that Danny did do it. If someone killed her because of that necklace, then just how did he get it? That's the big question.


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    • Kevina Oyatedor profile image

      kevina oyatedor 4 years ago

      Love this show. I agree with you about the cop not investigating anyone else but Danny. The show has a lot of twists and turns. Great hub.