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Twitches Too

Updated on January 4, 2008

Movie Review

I thought the first Twitches was a fun different magic movie for Halloween time. This movie continues the plot line of the Twin Witches (Alex and Camryn played by Tia and Tamara Mowry) who are princesses in another dimension. In the first movie they discover there powers. In this movie they begin to really develop them and hone them as a threat to their native dimension grows. The plot line is overall interesting, but there is a lot of slow parts in the movie. The main thing that makes the plot seem slow is that the guardians of the Twitches and their mother are trying to keep the Twitches from knowing about the threat. This leads to basically a lot of plot moments that seem pretty pointlessly in the movie when considering the ultimate action that finally unravels at the end. If you can sit through the first part of the movie, then the end is somewhat worthwhile with a decent action sequence of a battle between Xantos (I am unsure on spelling, but this is their uncle that was also the bad guy in the first Twitches) and the Twitches. The main plot development in this movie is their father possibly still being alive in the shadowlands and them attempting to save him, but also banish Xantos at the same time. Leads to an interesting tension between the sisters, but does not really grab you into it until the end. The movie does at least have decent special effects to make the magic seem realistic.

Overall I think this movie would appeal to kids around age 8 to 13. The plot is not complex enough to really appeal to an older age group. It also potentially is good for younger kids, but it does have some moments that would possibly be kind of scary for the little ones.


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    • profile image

      Angela 9 years ago

      I thougth that Both of the twitches movies were the Bomb I hope that when they make a 3rd one that it will last longer like for maybe 2 and a Half Hours.

    • profile image

      Angela 9 years ago

      I thought that Both of the twitches movies were the Bomb and I still Do I hope when they make a 3rd one that it lasts alittle longer for like 2 Hours.