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Two And a Half Men Creamed Dancing with the Stars!

Updated on June 27, 2015

Yesterday was a big day for TV when ABC and CBS clashed in same time with two huge premieres for the fall 2011. Dancing with the Stars lost this battle by a big margin this time but as it seems the war is far from over.

Reportedly Ashton Kutcher who replaced Charlie Sheen (a guy who is not leaving the spotlight quietly for sure...) pulled in almost 28 million viewers last night and some got what they wanted. If that was Ashton butt naked on their screens anyway! But many complained the plot was not the same and Ashton did not get rave reviews, some called him a Demi Moore toyboy, a title he is stuck with what ever he does for life.

Dancing with the Stars did not do "bad" by any normal count, they did pull in almost 19 million celebrity hungry viewers. Still a huge bummer from last year, 12% less, so network is not gonna be happy about these numbers I bet.

It will be a nailbiter to see next week if the "Kutcher Factor" will keep Two and a Half Men afloat or if the dancing beauties lead by Cher's son (or daughter however you prefer?) Chaz Bono will keep the country tuning in. Remember the days Monday was all about the football? Those days are long gone....

Which show will you keep watching?

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