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Tyler Perry Defendant

Updated on November 28, 2012

Terri Donald vs Tyler Perry

In Terri Donald's law suit against Tyler Perry claims she sent a copy of her 2007 book entitled Bad Apples Can Be Good Fruit to Tyler Perry's company before the production of his movie Good Deeds started. The law suit Terri Donald filed in Philadelphia wanting his company to provide accounting of the movies revenues, 225 thousand dollars and opening and closing credits for her book. She claims the plot of the movie Good Deeds came from her book.

The movie Good Deeds starring Tyler Perry as Wesley Deeds, written and directed by Tyler was released February 24, 2012 by Lions Gate Entertainment who is also named in the law suit with Tyler. This movie is the tenth out of eleven movies that Tyler appeared in. The movie earned approximately between 32 and 35 million dollars at the box office. The movie also won the BET Award for 2012 Best Movie.

There must be tons of books out there with the same plot where a wealthy business man meets a woman cleaning offices to make ends meet and fall in love with her.

Terri Donald's book, a woman struggle to move forward with the man she is in love with. The woman has deep dark secrets that comes back to haunt her during her relationship with the man. He has secrets of his own that return to bite him as well. Once the truth comes to light with both of them and reveals whats going in the both of them, they decide to leave all the now open secrets in the past and move on to the future.

Do that sound like the same plot to you?

Madea Goes To Jail
Madea Goes To Jail | Source

More Tyler Perry Movies

Tyler Perry will release to more movies, Madea's Christmas will release December 13, 2013 and Single Mom's Club will release May 9, 2014. I wonder if anyone sent books where the plot was copied for these movies?

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