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UFO's We Have Seen Them!

Updated on March 19, 2011

Here's A UFO We Captured on Camera

Photo Taken by D and D Sears, Artists
Photo Taken by D and D Sears, Artists

UFO'S We've Seen Them! Have You?

There are UFO'S soaring through our skies on a daily basis. We have seen them! Yet, people who haven't seen them, deny they exist... I ask you this: How can one deny something, one has never seen?

It is alarming to see that people are so insistent that something so obvious doesn't exist. On a level of psychology, I would have to say mathematically many are in a steadfast stage of total denial.

I have personally seen, and encountered several UFOS's in my 43 years on Earth. You can certainly choose not to believe that, but that in itself would place you on the "Fiction" side. One in particular was seen in 1990 in the Pocono Mountains, with 2 other people standing beside me. Furthermore, Mufon also tracked this UFO that we witnessed moving in patterns which were not possible by any of our aircraft technology. It was seen by thousands in the Pennsylvania area, and also reported on the news.

Is "seeing" "believing"? Well I ask you this, when was the last time you hung out with Jesus? Did he give you the proof you need to believe he exists? Or was it instilled in you by past generations, and a house of worship. What level of faith, and open mindedness was present to accept those teachings? Exactly how did you decide to accept the things you have not personally witnessed? As opposed to calling them all liars!

To devalue, and reduce the experience of millions of credible people who have indeed witnessed this phenomenon, would be the equivalent to calling all people liars. Many people fear admitting they have had some kind of experience, because people are so brutally ignorant, and feel the need to lash out, and attack people who have actually witnessed anything relating to UFO's.

It's really a choice of how open you will allow your mind to be. There are way too many incidents in "Our" history on this planet, to deny the goings on of Unidentified Flying Objects. There are too many to count, and no one person would be able to review all of them in one sitting. Being one who has witnessed more than 8 UFO incidents personally, I would think it wise to speak on a subject, "after" you have "all" the facts, and not before.

A person who has not been privy to witnessing something themselves, will typically allow themselves to remain ignorant, to the negative aspect side. It is the same with all subjects in life. What you welcome into your life, and what you choose to ignore, and remain ignorant about. It's a matter of choice within. Remaining rigid will certainly keep you out of the loop, which is usually NOT where the facts can be found on any given subject.

It's clear that the "Fiction" side of this subject thinks all people who have reason to believe in UFO's are down right bold face liars, I will give you a scenario to ponder. You can certainly continue to think of me as a liar, but really that puts me "One Up" on you. I "have" the Facts, and "experiences" and you don't, therefore you will remain ignorant, actually stunting your own growth, and preventing yourself from learning anything more on this particular subject. Your door is already closed. Literally refusing to see what is before you.

One night in 1990 I was standing on a cleared grassy hill in the Poconos. The sky was clear of clouds, and every star could be seen. It was a cold winter night, and we were there for my friends son to snowboard down the hill. Before he began snowboarding, I looked up, and suddenly saw a light moving. It was close enough to see, yet it looked close to the stars too.

I smacked my friends arm, and pointed to look up. I couldn't talk, and I couldn't blink. We stood there staring at this thing that was going from side to side, up & down, darting at a 45 degree angle, stopping abruptly, and hovering. This went on about 5 minutes, and then darted up into higher space right before our eyes. The three of us stood there with our mouths hanging open, in complete awe of what we were seeing. Later that night it was on the news, and Mufon has become involved. "We" were NOT the only ones who saw this incident. It's also a very vivid, unforgettable experience.

Another Incident: With my husband, by the Lake in Pennsylvania. It was dark that night, and we were walking by the lake, when suddenly a huge wide bright light covered the entire area for as far as we could see. It was the brightest light I have ever seen. You couldn't see the end of it. There was also strange humming sound, and it continued for a few minutes. We walked to cleared areas, in hopes of seeing something, and then it immediately went dark. There was no sound anymore.

The 2nd time with my husband was at the mail boxes. The exact same bright light, you couldn't see where it ended. We got out of car, to see if we could see anything, and we couldn't. The light was so intensely bright, and it blinded us from seeing anything above. The same humming sound, and then a few minutes later...complete darkness.

A friend of mine was out on the same lake, and had the exact same experience at the same time, same day, but in a different location at the lake. We coincidentally ended up comparing our experiences later on that night. It was very profound, and unforgettable. To this day, I have vivid memories of each incident I've witnessed.

Fiction only exists on this subject, because they haven't experienced, or seen anything yet. They are "not" open to it, from the start. Insisting something you yourself have "not" seen, doesn't exist...publicly displays ignorance.

Publicly announcing that millions of people are lying about something they "have" seen, or witnessed, exposes one who is "willing" to negatively conclude any particular event, or happening as fiction. Without witnessing, or experiencing any of the facts of the matter, to reach the conclusion that "everyone" is lying, immediately categorizes them into the small majority group.

For all of you who insist there are no UFO's, or experiences you are not familiar with...You can speak more intelligently..."When" you have "All" the facts. Maybe you will find a different answer, from the one you so profoundly possess, and publicly profess. People need to wake up, and "look" up...before calling more than 1/2 the population liars!

People who close their minds to other realms, possibilities, and educational facts...unfortunately prevent themselves from expanding who they are, who they will be, and where they will go. A closed mind doesn't allow new things in to be deciphered by our incredibly amazing brains. Should you not have "all the facts" on a particular subject, you then leave the door open, an reach "No" conclusion.

"ALL" of these people are lying? Not one of them, (of over half the population) is telling the truth? Not one of the Pilots, or FAA Controllers, Military, and more were telling the truth? They were all part of some big conjured up lie? Are you sure this is the story you want to stick to? You may as well walk around with a sign on you that reads: I'm part of the Ignorant Group, and I'm sure!

Believers who believe for a reason. Not because they just decided it was real, true, or happening. More like it was right there in front of there face. The people who are trying to "claim" that these people didn't really see anything are absolutely working without any Facts. The Minority sector is in denial of reality. To boldly think that you are superior in the existence of life in the entire Universe, is the same as thinking the World revolves around you.

Mathematically it would be more logical to arm yourself with ALL the facts available, (always calculating as you go) until you've reached 100%. Should you not reach that level of data, then you obviously cannot make any kind of conclusion, period. That would go against all mathematics, and certainly wouldn't equate. You can't dispute Math.

An open mind readily receives more data, and information than a closed mind. Interesting common denominator prevalent throughout this "now" every day subject. Back in the 50's, and 60's you were thought of quite differently than now, if you mentioned this subject. Today we are here casually talking about it. How well did TV, The Gov't., and millions of people expose the facts, and make unprecedented efforts to collect more facts? All for nothing, for no viable reason? Let's be logical here.

They do not see it, therefore it does not exist. Case closed...Mind Closed. This may be the very reason the Fiction side has never had an experience, or opportunity to witness countless incidents, and events around the World. Sheer mathematics alone will bring you to the conclusion that UFOS's are in fact Real, and it's been going on since record keeping began, right inside the caves of our ancestors. Do the Math. It's the only equation that should be applied here. Let Knowledge, and Education guide you...Not a closed mind, with a negative attitude. It's more about the "facts", and what's happening...not about what you "Think" "Isn't" happening.


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    • BrainFire profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago from The Island

      Thank tou for your comment.

      Hey if you look never know what you're going to see, right?

      I'm always looking, and that could be the difference. I think we should all be on the look out, for anything unusal. Regardless of what we believe.

      Thanks again!


    • moonlake profile image


      11 years ago from America

      I've seen them...Sure couldn't tell you what they were or where they were from.


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