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Ugly Truth: Why Justin Bieber and His Music Are Hated!

Updated on June 7, 2013
Help meh!
Help meh!

OK, OK, calm down now all you beliebers across the universe. I'm writing this hub in response to Chris McGowan's hub that can be found HERE (old hub, I know, but still..). He discussed about why so many people are hating on this teen Pop idol Justin Bieber, so I decided to talk about my own opinion on him and his music honestly. READ ON!

No, I don't hate Justin Bieber, I'm neutral toward him. He doesn't irritate me, and I'm not crazy about him. You could say I'm Totally neutral.

When he first came out with "One Time" (at that time Jonas Brothers were still the one thing teenage girls were talking about), I checked his live performance on Youtube and thought he got quite a good singing voice for a boy his age. I downloaded his album afterward out of curiosity and no surprise, his first album was just a bubblegum teen pop with a spice of R&B. At this point his voice still sounded prepubescent, but it was understandable, just a prepubescent kid with a bit of talent, so his voice was still (forgivably) listenable at this point. Almost "cute".

When "Baby" hit the chart he was slowly taking over the media up to the point that everyone got totally sick of him, but I remained neutral toward him. Almost sympathized with him at some point. I mean, he was just a kid and fame sometimes got into his head that he sometimes did or said things that annoyed people and resulted in more people hating on him.

And then he got too big (not literally) that everyone (the media, the whole music industry, the fans, the haters) was keen to see how his next album would sound like, what direction he was heading musically and whatnot. I downloaded his new album because I was curious, and to be honest, his new album "Believe" was pretty inventive musically (minus the generic pop ballads and acoustics that you can just totally ignore). I honestly have praises for the people involved in the making of that album. It wasn't the greatest thing in music history, don't get me wrong, but it sure deserved some credits. But too bad, at this point LOTS of people have already gotten sick of Justin Bieber's presence in the media that they can't see the album for what it is anymore.

The only thing I can't stand in the album however, is Justin Bieber's voice itself, because at this point of time, his prepubescent voice is no longer "cute" or "raw", it just reminds me of the annoying sound of UK boybands from the 90s. Not to mention his age now doesn't give him advantage anymore, unlike when he first started. There are many good 18-19 year old singers out there that can definitely sing so much better (they don't necessarily need to be famous), so I can't say he's got a good singing voice "for his age" anymore. I think this might also be the reason why more people are beginning to hate to just have to listen to Justin Bieber's voice. The fact that he's on the radio all the time really doesn't help. And then people start to blame it all on Justin Bieber's music (15 year old kids claiming to have heard "real" musics than that of Bieber's). And of course, the rest, is history.

Just a note, though. Justin Bieber, if you can stop showing your skinny chest until after you've developed some real muscles worth to be showing, then it's all good.

The Ugly Truth?

People tell you a lot of reasons they are hating on the Biebs, but the cold hard truth is they hate on him because:

1. They are jealous of him. Sure they won't admit it.

2. They're sick of his presence in the media (the only decent truth).

3. They're TROLLS.

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