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Indie Austin scene with UME

Updated on May 12, 2012
Austin's own indie rock sensation...Ume
Austin's own indie rock sensation...Ume

Austin trio Ume rings sweetly with the angelic voice of lead singer and shredding goddess, Lauren Larson, along with the hard hitting bass of Jeff Barrera and the solid drum lines of Eric Larson. "The Conductor" takes you back to the sounds emerging from Austin's ghosts of venues past like the iconic, Liberty Lunch, in the mid nineties. With Larson's sexy vocals and Barrera's punching bass lines, "Pendulum" creates a fusion of hard rocking riffs and soft flowing lyrics that sway back and forth, flowing right into your head keeping you mesmerized. Formed back in 2002, Ume first released debut album, Urgent Sea on NYC label Pretty Activity and in 2007 came to Austin to release the Sunshower E.P. Ume has been seen around town for SXSW, Fun Fun Fun Fest and has shared the stage with many other Austin greats and is a definite girl powered force to be reckoned with.


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