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Unbelievable Stunts from Tamil and Telugu Films (Don't Try Them at Home)

Updated on February 11, 2014
Film-goers in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh like their movies nice, spicy and action-packed.
Film-goers in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh like their movies nice, spicy and action-packed. | Source

1.Ramarajan saves village honour

Indian heroes are known to be the proverbial good men. In this scene Ramarajan tackles goons while the rest of the village, including its elders, watches stunned.

Indian heroes, and especially Tamil heroes, are protectors of the dignity of women. Desperate cries for help by women are always heard by Ramarajan. He always delivers when it matters.

The woman who is cruelly pushed by the wicked villain doesn't hit the ground. She is held by the safe clasp of Ramarajan who rides hundreds of metres on his bike to reach her, while she falls in slow motion.

He then proceeds to tackle the villain and his goons, claiming the mandate of the Almighty. He is closely observed by a visibly impressed heroine.

From the 1 minute and 8 second mark, he toys around with the evil guys. Watch to believe!

2.Vijayakanth defeats bullet

The heroine is held hostage by a goon while the townspeople and the police look on helplessly.

Vijayakanth's patience wears out when a well-meaning mediator is shot dead by the goon and a policeman's cap is blown away by a bullet. He steps forward to confront the evil man. The goon curses him and threatens to shoot but our Vijayakanth is unperturbed. Finally, the goon shoots, but the bullet rebounds off Vijayakanth's chest and kills the goon instead!

Our Vijayakanth then proceeds to advice the police on their duties towards the community.

3.Vijayakanth gives electricity a shock

Narasimha (Vijayakanth) is in the clutches of evil policemen. He is strapped to an electric chair and administered an extremely high voltage of electricity.

Surprisingly (or not surprisingly), Vijayakanth is totally unaffected by the electric current. He proclaims that electricity only electrocutes normal men. He is 'Narasimha', one capable of giving even electricity a shock. He then proceeds to do just that.

4.Vijayakanth speaks in English

To those who argue that this isn't a stunt, watch the grandeur of the scene. Here, our Kanth is a senior-level police officer who is working hard to nab evil-minded terrorists. He gives confident instructions to his colleagues and juniors.

At a particular point, an overenthusiastic junior officer tries to butt in with his own suggestions, but Vijayakanth is in no mood to tolerate the rush of youth and asks him to do only as he is told. Vijayakanth cannot be wrong.

5.Balayya beats bad men's ass

We now move from Tamil Nadu to its more colourful and action-packed north-eastern neighbour, Andhra Pradesh, where people love spicy food a lot, and spicy films even more!

Balayya is a man who inspires awe. He is so awesome that his awesomeness blinds his foes. He is the dread of all the evil men, and the object of desire of Shriya Saran, the most beautiful young woman you could ever imagine.

The most important thing Balayya wants us to keep in mind is that his awesomeness comes free of charge. Oh how generous!

6.Balayya rides bike wherever he wishes

In this scene, Balayya gives Temple Run a run for its money. The Indian hero, and especially the Telugu hero, is always there when it matters. He can come in any which way he chooses. Here, he makes his entry by bike, riding alongside a train that has been hijacked.

The bike jumps a bridge and eventually flies at the hero's whim and lands atop the train. Then it jumps off the train, right ahead of it. Now the hero decides he no longer needs it, so he allows it to be smashed by the train, following which he magically appears on the train again.

7.What Balayya does to kids

He is larger-than-life and inspires awe among the ranks of his enemies. He is irresistible to the most beautiful woman in Andhra Pradesh, Shriya Saran. Here's what you don't know yet-he terrifies kids. Here's another thing you didn't know all the while-he can not only use a bike as a helicopter and land it on a train, he can also issue orders to a train and make it comply! He is the true heir to God and is therefore endowed with abilities that you and I are incapable of imagining or of considering necessary even under the wildest of circumstances.

Hollywood is no match to Indian filmdom. Our ageing superstars are capable of, quite literally, moving mountains and causing the moon to crash land in south-eastern Wisconsin. Hail the evergreen Indian action hero!


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    • Twilight Lawns profile image

      Twilight Lawns 4 years ago from Norbury-sur-Mer, Surrey, England. U.K.

      I have never seen a Tamil movie, but I "discovered" Danush recently when I saw 'Raanjhanaa' which I really loved. I find it hard to imagine "elderly" actors playing heroes. and of course, Danush is not elderly at all, and apart from being a great looking guy, he's such a good actor and and and...

    • rohanfelix profile image

      Rohan Rinaldo Felix 4 years ago from Chennai, India

      Glad you like Tamil stunts... In Tamil films reality takes a backseat and imagination goes berserk. They are larger than life. The more unbelievable the film, the more the people love it.

    • jasonycc profile image

      jasonycc 4 years ago from South East Asia

      I watched many Tamil films when I was younger. Loved their stunts. Also enjoyed their songs and dances especially when the hero is courting the lady of his dreams.


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