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Under The Dome -- How To Create An Epidemic In 10 Easy Lessons

Updated on July 26, 2014

Dr. Tripps anyone?

It seems that from the instant the Dome came down, Miss Rebecca has been plotting a mass-extermination of the town's population. Since timeline-wise it's supposed to have been only a couple of weeks, the fact this chick has been working on some killer flu serum from dying pigs says she had to have started on it as soon as the Dome came down, and that makes her a lot crazier than Reverend Lester Coggins ever was.

Watching her look at the Dome Baby as being one of the ones that needs to be weeded out made her one sick puppy indeed. Since Big Jim has a thang for her, it doesn't take her much to get him on her Divine Selection plan. After refining her Pig Flu in her secret lab at the school she gives Big Jim a vial to put into the water. Despite all her talk of Divine Selection I doubt either she or the Bald One will be drinking the water to see if the Almighty will spare them because they are the Chosen Ones.

Meanwhile Julia figures that Miss Rebecca is going to put her extermination plan into action and soon and she enlists Sam I Am to help her stop the psychotic science teacher. They learn she's been visiting farms and was particularly interested in the sick pigs at one farm. When they arrive they discover the sickness has spread to a lot of the farmer's pigs and realized that Psychorella's Pig Flu is more virulent than she knows and there will be no Divine Selection if she puts her plan into action, but mass extinction of the entire town.

They rush to where they figure Big Jim will be poisoning the water and catch him in the act and expose what he was planning to the whole town in the process. Not going down without a fight, Big Jim publicly outs Julia as the town's Bed Mattress. Then they discover the vial Rebecca gave Jim is empty and he was just the decoy while she has the real poisonous vial. And get this, this religious lunatic intends to poison the church holy water to put her deadly scheme into action. That is definitely a move worthy of the late great Reverend Lester Coggins.

Luckily Julia and Sam I Am stop her in time by revealing her Pig Flu is stronger than she thinks and afterwards Big Jim and Rebecca find themselves cooling their heels in jail. Jim feels that Rebecca done used him, but she says someone who loves Chester Mills as much as Jim does, wouldn't ultimately be able to murder the entire town. I'm not so sure about that. And as Julia is walking him to a cell, he can't resist giving her another slam. Like the Town Bed Mattress comment wasn't enough. This time he tells her Barbie was all for their plan and this causes Miss Julia to turn on her Barbie man.

Julia invites Sam I Am home but rebuffs his attempts to kiss her. Little does she know it but she may just be offering aid and comfort to another killer. Only this one likes to kill women, apparently. A nasty pair of claw marks are revealed on his shoulder, hinting that he's the one who killed Angie Baby. And she wasn't the first of his female kills it seems.

Meanwhile Barbie runs into Joe and Norrie at the high school with Lake Chick who is now calling herself Melanie. They reveal the theory that Melanie is in fact the Melanie who disappeared in 1988. Barbie doesn't buy it, but is a little put-off when he discovers he and Lake Chick lived in the same town and she's still sure she knows him from somewhere. He reluctantly goes on a merry scavenger hunt to prove or disprove that Lake Chick is Melanie.

It turns out to be not such a wild goose chase. Lake Chick recalls being Sam I Am's girlfriend in high school, while Junior's mom and Lyle were a pair. Seems they were the first sacred four hands to the mystical egg. Only it appears one of the sacred four killed a member of their own brethren. Melanie is sure it wasn't Junior's mom, and it's looking like it was in fact, Sam I Am. Afterwards the three teens buried her and the egg.

Which leads to the Lyle and Junior part of this merry little hour of entertainment. Junior brokers a deal with Lyle to let him out of jail, but he thinks he's in control by keeping Lyle in handcuffs. Not so. They head to Sam I Am's cabin to look for Junior's Mommy's Bad Drawing Sketchbook. Lyle is convinced it will lead him to what he must do next. Yeah, Rebecca isn't the only religious nut running loose in town. And Lyle quickly gets the upper hand when he knocks Junior out and escapes.

It seems Lyle helped Junior's Mama fake her death. She knew the Dome was going to come down and she wanted to get out of Dodge before it came.

Junior's mother and uncle being part of the Original Four Hands makes sense to a degree on why he was chosen and why he seems to be special. Angie was connected to Junior and Joe was her brother like Sam I Am and Junior's mother were brother and sister. And Norrie as Joe's sort of girlfriend got chosen and the final member of the four. So it kind of explains Why Them?

Of course, one has to wonder since Melanie appeared as attracted to the egg as Julia if she was the first Monarch or if someone else was supposed to hold that role. Since Julia wasn't in Chester's Mills at that time, it can't have been Julia.

I also have say as nasty as Big Jim's remark about Julia being a bed mattress it wasn't uncalled for. It was about time someone called her on the fact that her husband was dead for I don't know how many days and she immediately started screwing Barbie, the guy who killed him. She even gave Barbie a free pass for killing her husband by declaring that Barbie had done her husband a favor by offing him cause that's what her husband wanted. Yeah, whatever. And I can't help but think the only reason Julia didn't start playing bed mattress bingo with Sam I Am is because Big Jim's words about her being the town Bed Mattress were still ringing in her ears. Meanwhile Julia's becoming some living example of a PSA on why women shouldn't invite strange men they don't know into their homes cause they might be killers.

Next week looks like another fun episode with Sam I Am about to whack his nephew cause he thinks that will make the Dome come down. You know, I'd like to think if I was in a horrible situation like that I wouldn't become a whack job like half these people are becoming.


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