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Under The Dome -- The 2013 Food Riots

Updated on July 31, 2013

Big Jim discovers that while he got rid on one weed another has taken its place

Last week, Big Jim got rid of Reverend Lester by holding his head against the dome and letting the dome explode his brain via his cochlear implant. Unfortunately, if Big Jim thought all this troubles were over, he soon discovered he had another problem in the form of his old friend and foe Ollie.

The town gathered at the town line to witness the barren wasteland that had been created by the bomb exploding outside of the dome. The fact that the dome was still intact without a scratch on it seem to bring home just how trapped by the dome they truly were.

Ollie succeeded in revving people up about just how dismal their situation was and to wonder what they'll do when they run out of food. Big Jim tried to calm the crowd as he and Ollie locked horns. It wouldn't be the last time.

The townsfolk seemed to have simmered down a bit, but Alice [who hasn't taken her insulin] steps in front of an oncoming truck and to avoid hitting her he smashes into the water tower spilling the town's precious supply of water. When Linda and Barbie go to check out the lake that feeds the water to the town they discover dead fish floating on the water and realizes when they dome came down it contaminated the water with methane, making the water virtually undrinkable.

When Big Jim is informed of that, he realizes Ollie has an Artisian well on his property that could provide water for the town and goes to broker a deal with him. Ollie's still pissed that Big Jim managed to weasel away some of his precious land for him and doesn't want to share unless he's well compensated. Big Jim offers him propane in exchange for water and he agrees, but it's obvious he intends to bleed him dry for his water.

Meanwhile when news spreads about the town's water supply being contaminated the townsfolk head to the local supermarket wanting to stock up on supplies, but the owner won't let them in. He's no longer accepting money, since he feels money has become a useless commodity. He'll only accept batteries for payment.

A couple of people pony up some batteries, but things rapidly get out of hand and it's not long before people are hoarding and looting.

When the dome doesn't explode, Junior intends to imprison Angie again, and she hits him on the head and escapes. She spends a great deal of time running from this little psycho. She eventually runs to Rose and tells her about Big Jim and Junior, which shocks Rose since she and Big Jim seemed to have something going. Rose promises to help Angie, only just then two looters break in and bludgeon Rose to death. Barbie enters just in time to stop one of them from raping an unconscious Angie, who got knocked out trying to save Rose.

Barbie carries her out of the supermarket and gives her to the one person she wanted to avoid...Big Jim. He tells Big Jim that Rose is dead and asks him to take Angie to the clinic. Big Jim takes her home instead and when she wakes up he tries to broker a deal with her. She says she's thinking about it when Junior comes bopping through the door.

Throughout this episode, Barbie violent control issues were addressed as he never beat two people to death. Linda wanted to make Barbie one of her deputies, but he basically told her to take her badge and shove it. He'd help her free lance.

Ever since right before the bomb went off radios all over town, including walkie talkies, have nothing but interference on it. Dodee rigs up a device to try and track the interference and while the riots are going on she and Julia are trying to track the source of the interference. They're hoping it might lead them to the source of the dome and that if they find it they can turn it off.

Meanwhile, when Alice is taken to the clinic, Carolyn learns that all the insulin is gone. So Norrie searches through the files to see how has diabetes and she begins going to their homes and breaking in. The first house she and Joe are greeted by a gun-toting man telling them to take off and to reveal he's also out of his insulin. In the second house they break into she hits the mother lode, but when she learns the insulin belongs to a kid, she only pilfers one bottle.

While Julia and Dodee are looking for the source of the radio interference they discover that the source is actually Joe and Norrie. Joe decides to let them in on their little secret and plays the seizure video for them. Then when Joe and Norrie touch the dome together they make all the radio interference disappear.

Dodee wants to tell Big Jim about this, but Julia swears her to secrecy, saying if the town found out there's no telling what they might do to the two kids. Judging by their behavior at the supermarket she's got a point. However, Dodee only agrees to keep it secret for the time being.

Suddenly, everything comes to a standstill as it begins to pour down rain inside the dome. Julia thinks the dome is giving them what they need to reassure them, but Dodee finds nothing about the dome reassuring in the least.

Probably the biggest ick moment of the episode had to be when Julia and Barbie tongued each other in the rain. Sorry, this dude whacked her husband, buried him and continues to lie to them. I find absolutely nothing romantic about these two together. The show really should have stuck with Barbie and Julia's original character history if they wanted to do some kind of romance between Julia and Barbie. As of now, Julia and Barbie together are one giant yuck.

I guess the big question this episode brought us is if it's possible that Joe and Norrie are responsible for the dome coming down on Chester's Mill. There's obviously something about these two that the dome wants and the first time these two are in the same vicinity together a dome comes down and traps them together.

It does seem that the only two the dome really cares about is Joe and Norrie, as it did nothing to protect the others who have died from being killed.


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