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Underdog, A Doggier Cartoon Superhero

Updated on July 22, 2014

Speed of Lightning, Roar of Thunder

"Look up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a frog…a frog?!"

"Not plane, nor bird, nor frog, just little ol’ me, Underdog."

Ever since the city has come under Underdog’s watch, the citizens have wondered as to his identity. Indeed, Underdog has been cited as Superman’s prodigy and an ally of justice. From the fluttery cape to the ‘U’ logo on his baggy clothes, he certainly exudes heroism.

Initially, the citizens welcomed Underdog with open arms. Not failing their expectations, he went on to perform many heroic deeds. The bad guys were put to justice. The good guys rejoiced. However, it wasn’t long before the citizens started to seriously think about charging him with destruction of property. Underdog’s popularity was dipping fast.

In order to restore public confidence, Underdog has agreed — for the first time ever — to unveil his identity to us here at Superhero Next Door. We’ll also tag along to see how he spends a typical day as a superhero. In the end, we hope to convey the message that Underdog is doing more good than harm.

Underdog Unveiled

Yes, the moment you've all been waiting for — Underdog’s identity. All this time, he is actually Shoeshine Boy, one of the city’s most humble and lovable characters. It may be surprising to some, especially those who had their shoes shone by him. He explained that his alias allows him to keep a low profile, while easily tracking any crimes going on around the city.

Whenever there is a cry for help, Shoeshine Boy rushes to the nearest telephone booth and transforms into Underdog. Not only does his appearance change, but he starts to talk in rhymes as well. His opening words typically are, “There’s no need to fear! Underdog is here!

Underdog also puts on his ring, which contains the "Underdog Super Energy Pill". The pill is like an energy pack, and serves to recharge his superpowers in case he runs out.

Underdog in his disguise as Shoeshine Boy
Underdog in his disguise as Shoeshine Boy

A Day with Underdog, Part 1

Today, we’re lucky enough to have a lady in distress. Her son has accidentally locked himself in the 2₵ Savings Bank’s vault.

Say no more, for I’m not slow. Hip, hip, hip and away we go!

And so, Underdog flies to the bank in question, crashing into a wall and destroying a convertible in the process.

Aha! A sign says ‘Bank’. I’ll go in for the child like an armored tank!

Stand aside and with bare hands. I’ll snap the vault like rubber bands!

Unfortunately, Underdog soon discovers that the 2₵ Savings Bank is actually next door — much to the manager’s dismay. He remains indifferent though.

I’m a hero who never fails. I can’t be bothered with such details.

He quickly travels to his intended destination, while laying waste to a few cars and streetlamps. Once there, he immediately goes above and beyond his call of duty to smash not only the vault, but the surrounding walls too.

Sometimes I forget my strength you see. But at least I’ve set the little boy free.

However, the boy is nowhere to be seen. Hence, Underdog decides to use his superpowers.

I have X-Ray Eyes that see through brick. To find your son they’ll do the trick!

Sadly, the X-Ray Eyes ends up setting fire to the building. To put out the fire, Underdog decides to use his Atomic Breath. Although all the walls are blown down, the boy is found to be safe and sound on top of the rubble. The people seek to reward Underdog for his heroic deed, but he only replies,

Rewards are not for true heroes. And I am true, the whole world knows. Forget about money, forget about show. Just hip, hip, hip, and away we go!

Underdog saves his lady-in-distress, Sweet Polly Purebred
Underdog saves his lady-in-distress, Sweet Polly Purebred

A Day with Underdog, Part 2

There is no time to rest for Underdog. Soon after his previous deed, robots begin invading the city. One of them has also captured Sweet Polly Purebred, a WTTV news reporter. Her cries for help reach Underdog’s ears, and he rushes to her rescue. His attempt to punch the robot ends in failure though.

Ouch! That monster’s so tough it bent my wrist. I’ll have to use my Piledriver Fist!

However, he soon realizes that Polly may get injured from his attacks. As such, he uses his superhuman strength and speed to easily save her from the robot’s clutches. Thereafter, Underdog discovers that breaking the glass tubes containing the robots’ ‘brains’ will stop them permanently.

I can use my voice to make Hi-Fi sound. It’ll break the glass for miles around!

Underdog’s plan succeeds too well — he also breaks windows, streetlamps, mirrors, and even pickle jars. Naturally the citizens are less than happy, but Polly defends Underdog’s actions. There is certainly chemistry between the two, though he constantly evades her advances. In any case, Underdog has kept the city safe for another day.

Hall of Shame

To date Underdog has thwarted the evil plans of villains such as:

Simon Bar Sinister

A mad scientist bent on wreaking havoc
A mad scientist bent on wreaking havoc


The ruler of planet Felina who is as powerful as Underdog, but without any of his kindness
The ruler of planet Felina who is as powerful as Underdog, but without any of his kindness

Hero of Heroes

Underdog is always fighting for justice. He never asks for any rewards, and never complains. Granted he may be a tad clumsy at times, but his intentions are good. He is also the only one capable of dealing with villains and protecting the city from evil-doings As such, we should recognize him for his contributions.

When criminals in this world appear

And break the laws that they should fear

And frighten all who see or hear

The cry goes up both far and near

For Underdog! Underdog! Underdog! Underdog!


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