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Understand the Different Pearl Snare Drum Materials

Updated on November 7, 2010
Pearl SensiTone Elite Brass Snare.
Pearl SensiTone Elite Brass Snare.

Pearl snare drums are the popular choice among drummers. Pearl makes their own shell from start to finish and they use a method called Superior Shell Technology (SST) that makes pearl drum best among all others. Pearl makes snare drums of different kinds such as special effect snares, fire cracker snares, and piccolo snares.

Some of the popular pearl snare drum signature series are Chad Smith, Joey Jordison, and Morgan Rose. This signature series allows a person to produce sound of their favorite drummer. Also, Pearl makes free floating snare drums that do not have any holes in the shell and are held in place by a bracing system.

Drum Materials

Pearl uses different kinds of materials such as birch, steel, maple, brass, African mahogany, and even copper to make drums. Having the better knowledge of different properties of drum materials, help a person to select the best drum that suits them a lot. 

Birch is a tough and dense wood and it is somewhat blond colored. It has a brighter and harder sounding kit. This material is obtained from the trees that grow fast and has large diameter than others. The kits are made with beautiful finish and this kit is often called EQ’d set. 

Pearl snare drums are normally made from different types of metal shells for extra attack and protection. Snares are made in steel, brass, copper, and even more. Most commonly, Heavy Metal drummers and Rock drummers prefer this kind of drums to get the mix better. Metal drums have brighter attacks than wooden drums and they cut right through the mix.

Maple drums are the drummers’ number one choice for many years. Maple produces warm and beautiful tone, and also beautifully reproduces frequencies in the drum. Mostly old forest maple tree with slow growth are chosen for making drums because these trees have straight grain as well as narrow growth of rings. Wood is beautifully finished and it resonates better. Snare drums made from Birdseye maple or burled maple produces brighter attack and has warm tone, and also these drums have solid shell. Moreover, maple is believed to feature an even tone. 

African mahogany has a warm and dark tone. This also has a great low frequency resonance when compared with birch and maple drums. This drum is produced from tree called Khaya that resembles closely to Honduran mahoganies and traditional American mahoganies. African mahogany is specially suited for making special snare drums like Omar Hakim snare.

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