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Unforgettable: Check Out Time

Updated on October 29, 2011

Check Out Time



A drug company, and employee, an ex- seal security officer and a housekeeper from the Dominican Republic are all involved in a murder. Maire Ortese from the Dominican Republic allegedly killed an corporate lawyer of a drug company name Brett Langly. According to the House Keeper Ortese, Langly attempted to rape her and she killed him in self defense.

Brett Langly had a son which was put up for adoption and the adoptive parents offered to bribe the House Keeper to accuse the biological father, Langly, of rape in order to keep him from obtaining custody his son.

Carrie seems to have more flashbacks to the one day she can't remember. She is remembering the details of the day her sister was murdered.

This show has improved tremendously and the flashbacks have sped up quite a bit and are minimal. I think this show has had a weak start in the Premiere but has significantly improved. Even the writing has gotten better and the acting has improved significantly.



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