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9 Unforgettable Moments from Hyunseung's Solo Debut

Updated on June 10, 2015
"My" Album
"My" Album | Source

An Opportunity Postponed

Beast member Jang Hyunseung had the opportunity to rock the stage solo three years ago, but he postponed it until this year.[1] [Sources numbered at the end] Even celebrities procrastinate sometimes! Usually, people regret putting a project off, but Hyunseung explained in an interview that he's glad he waited because he was able to deliver a better performance.

For his solo debut album My, Hyunseung promoted the title track You're the First also known as Ma First. However, he performed another track from the album as well: Break Up with Him. The remaining tracks on the album are titled: It's Me, Dirty Jokes, Come Out, and I Said I Love You.

Hyunseung's solo debut was a great mixture of funny, sexy, and energetic as expected from the 4D singer who enjoys listening to hip hop and R&B music. Yet, he also showed a more mature and thoughtful side to him in the songs on his solo debut and in the interviews during promotions. Although Hyunseung didn't win any awards on music shows, he was happy throughout his solo and created many unforgettable moments.

Hyunseung's Tattoos
Hyunseung's Tattoos | Source

#1 Two Tattoos on His Arms of His Parents' Birthdays

Not only did Hyunseung show fans a different side of him for his My album, but he got his first tattoos at the very beginning of his promotions.[2] Two of the tattoos are of his parents's birthdays: one on each forearm. The third is a triangle on his right forearm.

Hyunseung's father died from a heart attack 17 days after his (Hyunseung's) birthday in 2012[3], which adds more meaning to the tattoos. It must have been difficult to get his father's birthday tattooed on his arm where it will always serve as a reminder. On the other hand, it's a very sweet tattoo as a way of remembering someone who was do important in his life. You could call it bittersweet.

Even some people who aren't fond of tattoos liked Hyunseung's new ink, as one commenter on Pann expressed, "I have a negative view on tattoos but I like his tattoo because it's meaningful."[4]

#2 Slapped off the Couch in the MV for "You're the First"

One of the best parts of the music video for You're the First was Hyunseung being slapped off the couch after drawing on the girl's chest and thigh with a crayon. Of course, it was only acting, but that funny scene really sticks out.

In the MV making of You're the First, Hyunseung apologized to the actress before filming the scene.[5] After the MV shooting was over, he apologized again to her and ensured that he didn't cross any boundaries.[6] It shows just how sweet and respectful he is – one of the many reasons to love him.

Hyunseung "My" Album Picture
Hyunseung "My" Album Picture | Source

#3 Laughing Fit Over Wordplay with His Name

During the #hashtag interview on 1thek, one of the fans tweeted him wordplay with his name and he had a cute laughing fit over it. It's so adorable whenever he stomps or kicks his legs when laughing (or complaining). Although b2uties (fans of Beast) who don't speak Korean didn't understand the wordplay, they couldn't help but laugh just by hearing the 4D prince laugh.

#4 Encountering the 4D Alien

B2uties who are familiar with boy group BTS were hoping for some interactions between Hyunseung and BTS, especially because Hyunseung said in a High Cut interview that BTS motivates Beast.[7] The wishes of both fans were fulfilled as the 4D Prince (Hyunseung) encountered the 4D Alien (Taehyung from BTS) on Music Core.

Which song from Hyunseung's "My" album do you want to see performed?

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Hyunseung "My" Album Picture
Hyunseung "My" Album Picture | Source

#5 Forgetting the Lyrics to His Title Track

Singers forgetting the lyrics to their song is always a funny moment, although maybe not to them if they're caught lip synching. Hyunseung was singing live, so nothing embarrassing like that happened. But it was still cute to watch him stumble over the words. (occurs around 1:35)

#6 Gifting 350 Mini Plants to His Fans

For the fans who attended the preliminary recording of his debut performance on Inkigayo, Hyunseung gifted them 350 tiny potted plants.[8] Each plant had an autographed sticker with the words “Please take care of me” on the container.

#7 Sounding like Tina from Bob's Burgers

I couldn't stop laughing when Hyunseung uploaded a video of him in the car making a sound similar to Tina from Bog's Burgers when she was learning how to drive. I don't think it was done intentionally, but it's the reason why I can't forget it. Hyunseung's manager is probably never bored around him.


#8 Taking the Arcade Seriously

On his Instagram, Hyunseung uploaded a video clip of him playing a game at the arcade going as far as to actually crouch and take cover. At the same time, you could see another girl in the video who was playing the game less actively.

#9 Hyunseung Dancing on Water

After listing a few funny moments from Hyunseung, let's end with his charismatic performance of Girl Who Wants to Play at Beast's Beautiful Show in Hong Kong, where he carried out his dance break on water. The song he was singing is by Troublemaker: a duet that he's a member of with labelmate Hyuna. At this particular performance, Hyuna's rap part was taken out of the song. It sounds good both ways, though.

Dance Break

Full Performance

Hyunseung Selca on Instagram
Hyunseung Selca on Instagram | Source

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