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How to get Unlimited Video Streaming with Netflix and Hulu Plus for Under 20 Bucks a Month

Updated on July 27, 2012

The Best Streaming Experience!

I watch Netflix on the computer, on my xbox, and on my PS3.

I hope to be able to watch it on my Android phone within the next year (*fingers crossed*).

So what about BlueRay-I do own a few to play in my PS3, and the quality is incredible.

However, Netflix streams in HD when available, which is pretty awesome quality too.

The best part, perhaps, is that it only costs $8.99 for unlimited viewing and as a bonus (although I rarely use this feature), I get one physical DVDs sent to my house from my Netflix queue.

In fact, I am watching SouthPark right now on Netflix. All but the most recent seasons of Southpark are available at the click of a button.

Of course, Netflix does require an internet connection, but many people already pay for that.

An additional $8.99 is way cheaper than cable.

*Note* Soon Netflix will offer a streaming only option (no at home discs) for a mere $7.99. I will be switching.

Why Netlix and not Hulu Plus?

If you own a PS3 (or an Xbox in the not so distant future), you may wonder why you should choose Netflix over Hulu Plus (of course "both" is also an option).

This is easy!

Netflix is free of all commercials.

Yep, zero advertising!

Hulu Plus does have the advantage of running recently aired shows, but the significant amount of commercials is enough to deter me from making it my main deal.

Hulu Plus costs $1 less than Netflix, as Hulu just lowered the price to compete with Netflix.

Hulu Plus no longer requires that you have a PlayStation Plus account, which will run you 49.99 a year. This is exciting.

As a result of this, I just signed up for a week trial and I'm impressed with what I see. Commercials are annoying, but it is nice to have full seasons of current shows. I can pay eight bucks a month for that.

At $7.99 a month, combining the two means recently aired shows plus the vast Netflix library for less than twenty dollars a month.

DirectTV starts at $29.99 and so does Comcast's cable. If you already pay for internet access, Netflix and Hulu Plus are clearly better deals.

Sports fans, however, have to stick with the traditional networks.....Although Xbox recently added ESPN for free on the newly remastered Xbox Dashboard. I know, its not exactly the same-so this is just FYI.

The Long and Short of It

Netflix is well worth the money.

Get it now!

Try it now! You get a 1 month no commitment trial if you are a new customer.

Hulu Plus is also an excellent deal.

Try it now for 2 weeks free.

Better yet, sign up for both and drop your cable company (unless you are a sports fan).


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    • profile image

      David 6 years ago

      I subscribe to both HULU Plus and to Netflix. I think that they complement each other well. I wanted to comment on your article where you said tha Hulu has a "significant' amount of commercials. They do not. I was actually happy to find only abou 3 minutes of commercials per 30 minute episode. A commercial break usually only consists of a single 30 second commercial for an advertiser and sometimes an ad from your cable provide. That's it. The breaks are super fast.

    • StefanieMoo profile image

      StefanieMoo 7 years ago from Washington

      I love Hulu Plus because I can watch full seasons of the Biggest Loser!

    • GearHead2012 profile image

      GearHead2012 7 years ago

      i love watching netflix when i come over :)

    • thomasfals profile image

      thomasfals 7 years ago from Denmark

      Netflix is the winner for me. I watch it all the time on my iPad even though I am in Europe:

    • SteveoMc profile image

      SteveoMc 7 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

      Dana nice content. I might have to try netflix now.