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Upchurch The Redneck : Music Artists and Comedian

Updated on December 18, 2017

Ryan Upchurch Bio

In Cheatham County, Tennessee (about 30 min west of Nashville) you'll find the town of Ashland City, and if you hang around long enough you'll probably meet part of Ryan Upchurch's well humored family. Born in 1991 and currently at the ripe age of 26, Ryan Upchurch proudly credits his good humored nature to being brought up by a great family.

In 2012, Ryan began recording videos with his friends and uploading them to youtube, and within a year he had over a million followers on social media. Now, three years later he has shown off a wide range of his talent. The future of Ryan's career is looking bright, and his fans couldn't be more excited to see what's coming next from this guy.

Upchurch The Redneck - Comedian

Ryan Upchurch, better known as Upchurch (The Redneck) began making humorous videos which he uploaded to YouTube and almost immediately began to form a fan base. His videos offer a raw form of "Redneck" humor. Often using sattire to poke fun at whatever issue it is that may be on his mind.

His videos are very lighthearted, goofy, never seem to remain all too serious for very long. The randomness that is conveyed in some of his videos led Upchurch to briefly begin showing off some of his talent as a musician and songwriter, and it didn't take very long before he began to branch out more into the music industry.

Upchurch - The Musician

In 2017, Ryan Upchurch released his first music single titled, "Raise Hell and Eat Cornbread", which has only led to more and more music being released by Upchurch. His music usually seems to fit into the category of Southern Rap, however most of his songs seem to convey a country music tone to them.

Most of his songs have showed his silly sense of humor, however there a few that have had a more serious tone to them. One of my personal favorites is White Lightning which was released by Upchurch in 2017, and has been one of his biggest hits. It can be heard in the video below.

Upchurch On TV

2018 may bring Upchurch to the next level of his fame. According to his website Upchurchtheredneck. He will appear on his own comedy TV show. More information about that sitcom will be coming soon.

It is hard to see just what Upchurch will do next. He's also produced his own clothing line and seems to be working on riding gear for atvs and other recreational sports.

His fan base continues to grow as millions are waiting to see where Upchurch's success will lead him, and we hope to watch him grow and develop his name and legacy.


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