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Using Large Rocks in Garden Design - A Photo Gallery

Updated on November 25, 2011
Photo 1
Photo 1 | Source
Photo 2 - I love the use of the large rocks here.
Photo 2 - I love the use of the large rocks here. | Source
Photo 3 - I love how they used big rocks in this garden, to create a table with "seats."  Granted, they are cut some, but the idea is there to use rocks to make a picnic area.
Photo 3 - I love how they used big rocks in this garden, to create a table with "seats." Granted, they are cut some, but the idea is there to use rocks to make a picnic area. | Source
Photo 4
Photo 4 | Source
Photo 5 - I love these huge rocks in the pond.
Photo 5 - I love these huge rocks in the pond. | Source
Photo 6
Photo 6 | Source
Photo 7
Photo 7 | Source

Using rocks in gardening is nothing new, and the use of large rocks for different purposes is something many gardeners enjoy doing. I have loved rocks since I was a kid, you could say I was a rock hound or collector. I still am, if you can believe it! I simply love rocks and geology, along with gardens. It seems natural I would be drawn to them being used in and around garden settings.

As you will see from this collection of photos, the rocks need not always be "functional" as in serving a particular purpose. I love how they use the rocks as decorations themselves in and around certain gardens. Often when used like this, they are being used as imagery as in a Chinese garden setting. When trying to incorporate more, into a small garden area, Chinese gardeners for example, borrow ideas to mimic much larger things. Things like hills and mountains for example. Here are some ways I saw rocks being used in gardens in both aesthetic and functional designs.

Photo 1 - This has to be one of my most favorite uses of very large rocks in a garden. This is a Japanese garden, and the pond there is lovely, but they seem to just have put these huge boulders or stones there just for how beautiful they look. It adds a whole other element to the bigger picture and it is beautiful to me. Oh, to have this in my own backyard!

Photo 2 - This photo is in a Chinese garden, and shows a whole different kind of rock and on dry land instead of water. This is a very large chunk of a very unique rock. It sits among the other plants and shrubs and irises here. Very interesting use of rock I thought.

Photo 3 - The rocks shown here in this garden are very very functional, AND visually appealing I think. I absolutely love the idea of creating a table and seating out of stone. What a neat idea to incorporate into a garden setting. No need ever to worry about wind or deterioration like other outdoor furniture.

Photo 4 - Look at the use of this stone, isn't it fascinating? This is also in a Chinese garden and it adds so much to the overall look. Its rather tall and has quite a presence in the garden.

Photo 5 - These are some different huge rocks in a rather large pond. I love this idea. It could be done on a much smaller scale with great effect. Things like this help to make a garden look beautiful even in the harshest of the winter months. It continues to bring visual appeal, and gives an even neater look when it snows.

Photo 6 & 7 - These photos show two kinds of paths made of large stones. What a great use of stone in the garden! To add to the obvious appeal of these kinds of paths, anyone that loves butterflies will have the added benefit of giving a place for butterflies to warm themselves. These stones warm up in the sunshine in a way that is perfect for butterflies to want to stop and take a rest on. They also will drink off of these after a rain or when the sprinklers have run.

Photo 8 - Another tall rock with a presence in the garden. I simply love it and the effect it gives.

Photo 9 - Using large rocks as a bridge across a pond. Turn a stone path into a bridge across a flow of water like a creek or stream. I love this idea and would love to try it one day.

Large, Upright Rocks Used in Chinese Garden

Photo 8
Photo 8 | Source
Photo 9
Photo 9 | Source


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