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Gonnateachyahow: Using Vudu's Disk to Digital Program Vudu To Go

Updated on November 4, 2014

Converting your DVD or Blu-Ray collection to cloud based Ultraviolet doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming. Here is a look at the first option, Vudu's Vudu to Go. Walmart was the pioneer in allowing you to convert your movie collection, but you had to stack up your disks and bring them to the store, those days though are gone. You can now do it from the comfort of your own home.

All that you need is a Vudu account, and Ultraviolet account, a computer and a stack of movies you wish to add to your collection. Check out this article on creating a Vudu and Ultraviolet account.

Getting the Free App

Vudu makes it easy to get the Free app by locating it under the Disk to Digital tab on the website, Click on the Download tab and start the download. Notice the pricing (at time of publication and subject to change) DVD's SD $2.00, HD $5.00. Blu-Ray's HD for $2.00. (You must have a Blu-Ray drive in your computer for it to read the Blu-Ray disks). If you order ten or more movies you save 50% on the whole order. I usually do 25 at a time. Just for trying it out, Vudu will allow you to convert your first movie for free.


Using the Software

Once you have the software loaded on your computer, click the shortcut and it will open up to show three tabs, Downloads, Purchases, and Disk to Digital.

Let's take a moment to look at each of these features.

Downloads are just that, movies that you download to your computer to play at a later time. You do not need internet for these movies to play. You have the option to delete them at anytime or store them as long as you like.


Second is a list of your purchases, which are filed by most recent purchase and mixes your tv and movies together. You can stream the movies from here without going to the website.

My Purchases Tab
My Purchases Tab | Source

Last but not least. Disk to Digital. This is the part we will be discussing in the rest of this article. Using this to convert your home collection to your cloud collection.

The Disk to Digital Tab
The Disk to Digital Tab | Source

Click Add Disk and insert your movie into your DVD drive on the computer. The computer will read it, then the software will search to see if it is one of the compatible movies, if it is the screen will change and you will have the choice of possible formats to choose from. Remember if you are converting ten or more movies you will save 50% off, it won't show until it is added to your shopping cart.

Insert a disk.
Insert a disk. | Source

Vudu To Go keeps a list of your collection in memory preventing you from purchasing a movie twice. Although it does give you the option to upgrade it if you desire a HD version. After you are finished adding your movies to the cart. Click the proceed to checkout button to finalize your order.


This will give you a list of movies in your cart, you can edit the order, changing the level of definition or even remove a movie from the list.


Click Checkout and Vudu will charge your card, the movies will be instantly added to your Vudu account but may take a little while to add to your Ultraviolet locker and any other services you use.


The Bad News

Not every movie is listed, and worse a few studios do not participate in Ultraviolet at all. These studios may have movies available to buy and watch on Vudu, but they will not add to your ultraviolet locker, are not shareable,and not available in Disk to Digital.


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    • profile image

      Matt Geiger 3 years ago

      Using Disc to Digital is a great way to build your collection, this is a great resource to help build your collection