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V for Vendetta

Updated on November 1, 2011
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Alicia has been an Author, Columnist, and Reviewer for 10 years. Her success came from perseverance plus organized goal setting.

Movie Review

"V for Vendetta", released in 2006, based on the book by David Lloyd and Alan Moore with the same title, is about a masked Freedom Fighter with an affinity for November 5th. The movie covers a one year span in a future Britain that has a totalitarian government resembling a fascist dictatorship. Expertly showed exactly what this government was doing and why V was fighting against its oppression and inhumane treatment to its citizens. Rallying others to join his cause, while in the background committing personal vendettas.

In spite of its length (2 hours 13 minutes), this viewer did not feel the movie had a too fast or too slow pace, instead the pace seemed perfect for the story. It is narrated and taken from Evey Hammond's (played by Natalie Portman) point of view. She is the main character and some one who has lived through the tragedy of losing her parents to the system that does not accept those who disagree with it. She meets the Freedom Fighter known as V in the very beginning of the film, where he rescues her from being raped on the Eve of November 4th. This rescue creates the beginning of their lives inter-twinning, involving Evey in V's one year revolution plan. Through her eyes we see the importance of what V is trying to achieve and the heart of the masked man. Very touching.

"V for Vendetta" is well done. Good special effects. Great adult Science Fiction peice. The entire cast were perfect in their roles; superb acting. The message of 'one man's words can inspire others into action, standing up for themselves, and fight for a common good' was inspirational. Reminded me of 1776 even though this very British Film was not even referencing to that revolution, but to a much earlier one called the "Gunpowder Revolution" from the 17th Century.

Starring cast members per credits were: Hugo Weaving (as V), Natalie Portman (earlier noted played Evey Hammond), Stephen Rea (Officer Finch, who investigated V's crimes and background throughout the movie), Stephen Fry (as Evey's Boss Deitrich, who collected illegal things and helped Evey in a time of need) and John Hurt (great as Prime Minister Adam Sutler, dictatorial ruler of the futuristic British society).

On DVD and Rated R, for its graphic violence plus adult material. Even though "V for Vendetta" portrayed a bleak future for England and America, highly recommend. A must see for Sci-Fi fans!


The book "V for Vendetta" by David Lloyd and Alan Moore is available on


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