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VH1 Charm School Season 3 Premier; With Ricki Lake

Updated on May 12, 2009

 The bad girl reality contestants from past VH1 reality shows are all brought together for season 3 of Charm School! This season however features the house mom Ricki Lake, and it features bad girls from Rock of Love Bus, and Real Chance of Love.

Ricki's job is to shape these girls up, and form them into better more charming individuals. They could all use a little work (some could use a lot of work), except for one contestant whom I am confused as to why she is there? I will discuss who this is later on.

The bad girl contestants include:

1. Ashely from Rock of Love Bus! (Oh my God I fell in love with this girl. She is part of the Blondtarage)

2. BayBayBay from Real Chance of Love. (This is the chick whom I am confused as to why she is here?)

3. Beverly from Rock of Love Bus. (Oh Gez, I am already sick of her face)

4. Bubbles from Real Chance of Love. (She is not really a bad girl, but she is stupid. I don't think Riki can slap her with a smart stick though)

5. Brittaney from Rock of Love Bus (you remember her right? She's the crazy girl who stole all the sweaty gym socks!)

6. Brittanya from Rock of Love Bus (she's the bad girl who tried to smack down heather! She is also the chick whose cheeks are pierced! It works for her though, she's hot)

7. Farraha from Rock of Love Bus (she was part of the Blondtarage)

8. Gia (ew. This is the girl who shoved a....err... thing up her thing!!!)

9. Ki Ki from Real Chance of Love (she's the chick who liked creating a lot of drama with other girls in the house)

10. K.O from Real Chance of Love (she's the gal who cried in nearly every episode)

11. Marcia from Rock of Love Bus (she should own the name Tequila- Tila Tequila has nothing on this girl)

12. Natasha from Rock of Love Bus (Not really sure why she is here either. I like her many voice so it's all good)

13. Risky from Real Chance of Love (she is not all that bad, she's got a quick temper though)

14. So Hood from Real Chance of Love (she was quickly forgotten once she was eliminated from Real Chance of Love, but she did have bad girl qualities)

Anyhow, we start VH1 Charm School Season 3 with the girl all waiting outside of the house they will be living in while on the show. Out pops Riki Lake who tells them she will be their mentor here at Charm School. Many of the girls are surprised to see that Ricki Lake will be the house mentor.

The girls are told about the first challenge being giving possessions away to charity. At panel they will one by one come up and donate whatever they feel like donating to the charity.

This is how Season 1 of Charm school ended, and played a huge role in why Saphayri won the money. She gave away all of her belongings! If any of these girls in season 3have been paying attention they know to give it all away! If they're smart that is.

Before the panel challenge though, the girls first make their way to the house where they find their pictures attached to beds in the house. Some of the girls are paired in rooms with people VH1 already knew would cause drama, and likely fight.

Some of the girls already have issues with Brittaney. Beverly in particular seems to have her evil eye out on her. After a small verbal tiff Brittaney tells Beverly shes a bad mother! L-OH-L!!!! She pushes her like a lame ass, and the scene moves on.

We know that this will probably escalate into something more dramatic down the line.

After choosing their beds, they then meet back with Riki where they one by one tell her about themselves, and why they feel they need Charm School. They also donate some articles of clothing to the charity. K.O plays it smart and donates every last article of clothing, including the suitcase she carried it in. Others donate some stripper clothes, some shoes, and Natasha donates only a small amount of clothing, and says it is because she is selfish.

Next she goes Hulk on Brittaney whom she is still pissed off at for the black comment on Rock of Love Bus. So now we know why Natasha is here! She's crazy!!! Unfortunately she's got more bark than bite.

Some of the girls have genuine reasons as to why they need Charm School. Any viewer knows though that they have their eye on the money, and some of the girls give long drawn out speeches about why they need Charm School, they seem fake though.

Later that night the girls enjoy the new surroundings and some of them get severely drunk. Beverly naturally drinks herself into an oblivion and ends up pulling Brittaney's hair.

This leads to her earl expulsion from Charm School! Haha!

Shortly afterward there is an elimination ceremony. The three girls up for elimination are Gia, Brittaney and Ashley. Ashley however was voted in to elimination due to Gia being so drunk and clueless and voting her in. Poor Gia, wasn't she the same girl who said on the Rock of Love Bus reunion show that she quit drinking!? Oh Lordie, Lordie Liar!!!

Gia ends up getting chucked out of Charm School.

The camera ends up on her outside of the house ripping off some of her clothing, and her shoes, and crying on the ground like a psycho.

It was good TV. Let's see what happens next week!?


My Hub is my original content, and can be found elsewhere on the web!


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    • profile image

      rose ella morton 7 years ago

      im glad kiki went that got problems she act so getty

    • profile image

      kate 8 years ago

      ashley is in the finals

    • Rose Ella Morton profile image

      Rose Ella Morton 8 years ago from Beverly Hills, Michigan

      It look like K.O had to do the right thing herself. Ricki should not view this as a personal show for those she like best. and the time she didn't send anyone home, was just plan crazy.

    • Rose Ella Morton profile image

      Rose Ella Morton 8 years ago from Beverly Hills, Michigan

      Ricki has her picks. This Charm school is wack- up, due to Ricki lake. she should have sent home K.O last night. Ashley should have went home , not Natasha. Who cares if Natasha is a man or a women. She look great. Natasha had to go find cry baby Ashley. When a person put there feeling aside to help someone they hate it shows a better person is in the making. I was wondering why I haven't seen much or Ricki lake. It is because she need charm school herself.

    • MellasViews profile image

      MellasViews 8 years ago from Earth

      lol. I was going to say that about Natasha... I truly believe she is a man. She's known to prowl the net looking for articles on Gia was a drunkin mess, she lied on that damn reunion show about quitting drinking. Please, I think everyone who tuned in knew she was full of shit.

    • profile image

      Adam B 8 years ago

      Gia is a fool, she put her best friend up for elimination because she is a dumb twat. This should be a good series. Where is your opinion on Daisy of Love? That has some funny shit in it too.

      Oh and yes...I think Natasha is 100% man.