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VMA Awards, LA

Updated on August 30, 2011



Where and When is the event?

In the big city of California, Los Angeles, The Video Music Awards are being held. The home to the most famous celebrities is hosting this enormous music event.

One of the most attended music events of year is about to take place. The date has been fixed and it is the 29th of August 2011.

Bands and singers are already preparing, if not already prepared, their speeches and practiced some time before their live performances. Soon the city of Los Angeles will be populated mostly by world-wide bands, coming to perform just for their fans who have supported them many years and will never stop.

What is it?

The VMA's is the most attended event of the year, also known as the "Video Music Awards".

Bands, singers from all the world gather up during this event and thanks to the votes from the audience, especially the fans, they win super prizes consisting of MTV trophies.

There are various categories such as Best Band, Best Live Act, Best Female Performance, Best Male Performance, and many others. The nominations are very difficult as many well known band and singers participate, but only the most voted ones get the prize and hold a brief speech thanking everyone.

Moreover, there are many live performances that entertain the audience with amazing special effects and amazing voices.

A worth seeing event is coming up, and no-one has to lose it!

Who is Performing Live?



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