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Valeria Lukyanova - All About the Human Barbie Doll

Updated on October 25, 2012

Valeria Lukyanova is a Ukrainian model who has altered her appearance a great deal through plastic surgery and makeup in order to resemble a real life "Barbie," though she has also said she has gained inspiration for her looks from Japanese anime.

The 21 year old has already been under the knife numerous times to obtain her unnatural appearance. She has had various procedures on her face as well as breast augmentations and liposuction to remove fat from her waist. The work on her chest and waist are apparent as her waist is much smaller than it reasonably should be. Even so, she denies she has ever had any work done.

Valeria Lukyanova with full makeup
Valeria Lukyanova with full makeup
Valeria Lukyanova and her tiny waist.
Valeria Lukyanova and her tiny waist.


She first gained attention with her unique makeup. This makeup made her look like an animated character brought to life. She wanted to mimic the look of an anime character so she perfected her technique. Valeria Lukyanova claims it takes 30 minutes to apply makeup to only one eye. It must be very precise to accurately mimic the look of a cartoon character. Whatever she is doing works because she has gained quite the following on YouTube with people amazed by the detail she puts into her face. Though, she does not always take this look. Usually she is just wearing her normal "Barbie" makeup.

The 30 minute technique is also applied by her friend Anastasiya Shpagina, who wants to look like a Japanese Anime character. Though Lukyanova does not go as far as Shpagina, she still has a good technique for applying interesting eye makeup.

Real life barbie proportions.
Real life barbie proportions.

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Before plastic surgery
Before plastic surgery

Valeria Lukyanova before plastic surgery

Before her surgeries she looked like a normal young woman. Even though she denies having work done, looking at her in before and after photographs tells us differently. Her nose appears thinner now, her eyes shaped different and even her lips do not look the same. Her face looks nearly 100% different before and after.


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