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Valley Girl- An 80’s Movie Classic Starring Nicolas Cage

Updated on March 4, 2009

Valley Girl- A Classic 80's Movie

I was recently discussing some of my all time favorite movies and there is one that may surprise you..."Valley Girl", a romantic comedy starring Nicolas Cage in one of his first ever films. It's just so damn cute!

Released back in 1983, Valley Girl is a classic "boy meets girl", "boy loses girl" and "boy wins girl back" movie that also teaches you some valuable life lessons. I've watched the movie at least ten times over the years and love it every time. It is the story of true love, has a great soundtrack and the 80's outfits are hilarious.

Nicolas Cage's character "Randy" is a new wave, punky guy with spikey hair, tee shirts and a beat up leather jacket who lives on the wrong side of the tracks. He meets "Julie" played by Deborah Foreman who is a blonde, super popular Valley Girl, who has been dating the highschool quarterback for years- "Tommy" played by Michael Bowen..

Randy and one of his friends crash a party at one of the popular kid's houses that Julie happens to be attending. Randy and Julie end up in the same room, their eyes meet and it's love at first sight.

Check Out The Valley Girl Trailer

The dating scenes that ensue are so cute and you truly feel that the two are falling in love in front of your eyes. Randy brings Julie to all of his favorite places including some dive bars with sticky floors and burger joints. Julie brings randy shopping and tries to smooth down his spikey hair. They laugh, they kiss…..

Then.. conflict. Julie’s friends don’t approve of her relationship with Randy and through peer pressure, convince her to break up with him and get back together with her deadbeat ex boyfriend. Randy’s heartbroken and does everything he can to win her back including sleeping on her front lawn in a sleeping bag.

The soundtrack is classic 80’s with tunes by Josie Cotton, The Plimsouls, Psychedelic Furs and Modern English.

Great Movie Quotes From Randy (Nicolas Cage)

No one is gonna tell me who I can score with! Now I want this chick, she wants me, so f- it, we're goin' back. "

“That techno-rock you guys listen to is gutless.”

"Well f- you, for sure, like totally!" [To Julie after she dumps him]

A Funny Movie Exchange: Julie and Her Friends

Julie: Yeah, but Tommy can be such a dork, ya know? Like he's got the bod, but his brains are bad news.
Suzi: But he is bitchin'. You really are so lucky, Julie.
Julie: I know, but we've been going together so long now. Like I'm beginning to think I'm a piece of furniture or something... like an old chair!
Loryn: Oh, bad news!
Julie: I definitely need something new.

How does it end???

In the end, Randy wins Julie back and they live happily ever after. True love conquers all. People should be accepted for who they are inside, not how they look on the outside.

So true!

If you are a Nicolas Cage fan, this is a must see. Nick is in his “learning to act” stage and still has a full head of hair- so it’s a lot of fun to watch!


Are you a Valley Girl movie fan? Please comment below.


Copyright 2009, M. Reynolds, All Rights Reserved

The Official Valley Girl Movie Poster
The Official Valley Girl Movie Poster


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    • Reynolds_Writing profile image

      Reynolds_Writing 8 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Thanks Tulwave.. Glad to hear it's also one of your favorite movies. It was a hub that was fun to write.

    • tulwave profile image

      tulwave 8 years ago from Orlando,Fl

      One of my all time favorites and the only Movie I liked Nicholas Cage in. Great idea for a hub!

    • profile image

      Dan  8 years ago

      Great review and really a good movie for its time.