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Vampire Diaries' Final Season?

Updated on December 5, 2015

The CW hit series Vampire Diaries has been having one of the lowest rated seasons since it's inception. In the latest season, Nina Dobrev, the actress who plays Elena Gilbert, has departed from the show, but could it be that she was jumping off the sinking ship?

Seven seasons of a hit series is more than enough to show for good material. We fell in love with the idea of forbidden loves and teary-eyed moments that captured our hearts. The show opened back in 2009 with the young Gilbert writing in her journal. Her human experiences contrasted with the dark and brooding personalities of vampires gave us a show with the potential to shake up our souls. With her best friends Caroline Forbes and Bonnie Bennett, played by Candice Accola and Katherine Graham, she took on the world bravely and their endeavors brought them closer together.

It's been a hard season without the potential for Elena's love to last forever and now it seems that all the Gilberts have disappeared for good. Even our favorite villain Klaus Mikaelson, played by Joseph Morgan, with the most captivating english accent managed to leave the show and create an even darker and enticing spinoff, The Originals. Could it be that the teenage audience who grew up in high school with the romance sci-fi drama have grown up and out of watching the fight between the vampires of Mystic Falls and some powerful unknown entity? Hopefully, the show picks up and I fall in love all over again. I'm sticking with it because the feeling of nostalgia that will never die, but I am unsure if fans like me are enough to keep the show alive for long.


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