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Van Halen In 2012, Lets Get Real!!!

Updated on May 24, 2013

Van Halen In 2012

This Picture is from old days like 1980s
This Picture is from old days like 1980s | Source

Van Halen In 2012

Van Halen In 2012 , Lets Get Real!!

Van Halen and the new 2012 tour is coming your way or maybe it has just slipped your mind. What does Van Halen have to offer after twenty plus years of giving us riff roaring songs? Well, a disappointment is indeed the case with the newest album and the last few albums over the years have not been really been the Eddie Van Halen I grew up listening to.

I guess when recording has changed from a recording studio to a living room in you house for so many artist any more , one can come out with about anything. I found this last album with balding David Lee Roth, less exciting than a bad storm. It would seem that David Lee Roth has a lot to say about the music that comes from Van Halen , because the bubble gum rock in songs like Tattoo and the whole album is just flat gibberish. Eddie Van Halen hopefully has laid off the Cocaine and Heineken and stayed out of Kerrville ,Texas Rehab long enough to have his axe sing a few good licks in this album. The main force behind the supposedly hot album is it is not geared to us that grew up listening to Van Halen and has lost it's quality in strength and sounds like money is the case for this new release in 2012.

Eddie Van Halen use to awe the crowd and it was so special to seee him riff the lead guitar and make it whale , as he still does. The problem is it is old hat material. Get real Van Halen , play the old stuff and save face. David Lee Roth is a joke and he even looks funny as an old fart singing such songs as jump , get a wig," Diamond Dave".

The main problem with the new Van Halen is the entire project is down hill from the beginning. I went to their web site when the last album was released and there was a cruddy old video with Eddie Van Halen playing his solo riff on the guitar and actually doing a good job, but hey man that is old stuff. Where is the new? Get your son out front with a solo on the bass guitar and maybe Eddie Van Halen on Lead and do something different , not the same old Jamie's Crying song we heard when I was in high school, that was over 30 years ago, damn.

I guess you have to give Van Halen credit for coming out with something and I was a sucker and bought this new album thinking it was at least going to be better than Tattoo the lead song into this new album. I was very dissapoited with the entire girlish sound of Dave and Eddie's hand at the guitar never fails, but what in the heck is he doing with mouth piece Dave again. It just does not work. I am the minority, most like this new album. I can't seem to figure out what all the hooplah is about this new album and the tour which is running a stron hold all over the country as of this writing.

The bottom line is Eddie Van Halen has a new Cd out and it bites, and if Eddie can't figure it out, he needs help. THe money generated from sales of this album and tour better hold Granpa Eddie for his retirement , because that is where his music is headed with crap like this new music. If this were another band , I would not come down so hard on them. Yet this is one of my favorites and it is dissapointing enough to write about it. To each their own of course , so buy the new Van Halen CD and feel like a fool for waiting money. Americans are good at this.


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    • tomy101 profile image

      Christopher Hyer 5 years ago from Midland, Texas

      Like I said , Van Halen was popular and is now a bubble gum rock band with such sissy lyrics and Diamond Dave back on the microphone was the end to Van Halen as I knew them. Yes, they went to the top ten on the charts with Tatoo, does not surprise me, hell I even bought the damn album thinking I was in for a treat. To each their own. For Unlawful Canal Knowledge , they are not.

    • profile image

      Marlon 5 years ago

      I think your opinion is simply just that- an opinion. It would appear the masses dont agree.

      The new VH album went all the way to #2 on Billboard charts and as for the song Tattoo:

      The first single from the album, "Tattoo", was released on January 10, 2012. One day after its release to iTunes, it was the #1 selling rock song in the US, Canada, Finland and the Netherlands, while charting in Sweden, Belgium, Germany and the UK.[3] It received over two million YouTube hits in its first week of release and over four million to date.

      By January 23, 2012, "Tattoo" was ranked #1 on Billboard's Hard Rock Singles chart, the #1 most played song at classic rock radio in its first week and #1 most added song at mainstream and active rock radio.

    • lisa42 profile image

      lisa42 5 years ago from Sacramento

      Sometimes it's fun to hear old bands, and sometimes they just need to learn when to hang it up.