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Vasi: Latina With A Language All Her Own (music review)

Updated on January 11, 2010

Vasi is a singer that I learned about a few years ago. I absolutely loved her CD and looked forward to seeing what would happen with her over time. Unfortunately, it’s been a few years and I haven’t heard of any new work that she’s done. Nevertheless, I thought I’d draw up a review of her work and get it on the web in the hopes that other people will start paying attention to her music and maybe she’ll come back out of the woodwork!

Vasi is a beautiful Latina singer with a passion for her music, which is translated through her strong voice and striking performance skills. What makes her stand out is that she is truly a multi-cultural singer. Offering more than just a cross-over artist, Vasi brings to the musical table a sense of self-expression which derives directly from her own multi-cultural roots. The singer-songwriter grew up in between two of the most diverse and dynamic cities in the world; New York and London. This background gives her a strong foundation in experiencing life from a unique perspective which truly reflects the global culture of our modern world.

            This foundation serves as a springboard for Vasi’s music. Fluent in English, Spanish, French and Greek, Vasi brings a creative tongue to her lyrics and to her expression of those lyrics. She moves expertly between languages to offer bilingual expression, which highlights the most passionate details of each language with her listeners. There are some things which simply sound better said in Spanish (and some which come across more clearly in English) and Vasi is able to easily pick out which language best expresses the idea she is trying to convey. And even if you don’t speak the particular language which she has chosen, Vasi’s vocal range, tonal inflection and performance attitude make it easy to understand what is going on in her music.

            Vasi’s music moves easily between romantic sounds and songs that are perfect for high-energy dancing. This is most obvious on her track “Can’t Go A Day” which is energetic on its own – in a passion-filled sort of way – but which has a remix version designed specifically for the clubbing nightlife. However, it can also be seen as you move from track to track on her self-titled debut CD which pairs sensual songs with sexy ones to keep you on interested in every new breath about to emerge from Vasi’s multi-lingual lips.

            How Vasi sounds can be compared to modern singers with a much more established reputation than hers, singers such as Shakira and Erykah Badu. She comes across as having many more years of experience – and that diva style that usually only stardom brings – than she actually has which makes her truly stand out in the music world. You can easily see dancing to her music as soon as you’ve heard it, as though it’s familiar from the radio or the clubs even though it’s not.

            Vasi brings the total package to her music. She’s got the voice and the lyrics and the right music. She’s got the global experience, which kicks it all up to another dimension and makes her music accessible to people from around the world. She’s got the looks and the attitude without being so hot that she’s out of reach to the average person. She’s got the skills and the ability to come across as polished and radio-ready, but she also clearly offers a lot of room for growth. Hopefully she’s still growing even though she doesn’t seem to be doing much online right now!


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