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Venue Kings Broker Review - Buying Sports, Concert, Theater & Event Tickets Online

Updated on November 24, 2014

Venue Kings for Sports, Concert, Theater, & Event Tickets

Venue Kings
Venue Kings | Source

Buying Sports, Concert, Theater, & Event Tickets Online

There are three steps in the buying process:

  1. You buy the ticket.
  2. Venue Kings calls to confirm the order.
  3. Venue Kings delivers the tickets.

Venue Kings Broker Review

Venue Kings is a broker which provides online tickets for sports, concerts, theater, & events. Tickets can be purchase for literally any function that you are wishing to attend, including: baseball, basketball, football, hockey, concerts, comedy shows, opera, musicals, plays, ballet & dance performances, cabarets, festivals, and family events.

This is a safe merchant with a good reputation, outstanding customer service, which offers a 100% money back guarantee. You get the tickets that you actually ordered, or better, at a price that is very reasonable compared to competitors. Venue Kings won the Business Excellence Award in 2013 for young entrepreneur. More information on that subject below (along with a video).

To purchase your Venue Kings tickets, CLICK HERE. Use code FALL8OFF at checkout to receive $8 off your tickets through 12/31/2014. If this code has expired, please request the most recent code by posting your question in the comments below. I will respond to your question in the comments with the new code & update the hub.

Adoring Fans at Concert

Photo by photostock
Photo by photostock | Source

Buying Sports, Concert, Theater, or Event Tickets Online

Have you ever purchased sports, concert, theater, or event tickets online from a broker?

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Venue Kings Tickets - 100% Guarantee

Venue Kings
Venue Kings | Source

Excellent Customer Service:

My husband purchased our concert tickets from Venue Kings and we had a very pleasant experience. The website makes buying tickets online super easy. Right after we purchased the tickets online, we received a phone call from Venue Kings confirming our order. Their customer service is outstanding!

Venue Kings Tickets are Guaranteed!

Venue Kings guarantees that you will receive the tickets that you ordered, or better. You will receive your tickets in time for your event and they will be valid for entry! If not, you will get your entire purchase price back along with service fees and shipping. A full refund (with service fees) is issued if the event is canceled and not rescheduled. Finally, if the tickets you order are invalid and not honored by the function, Venue Kings will attempt to locate replacement tickets for you. If replacement tickets are not available, Venue Kings will provide you with a refund for the cost of the tickets, including service fees and shipping and handling charges.

Their 100% guarantee is the best aspects of buying tickets from Venue Kings. In fact, most guarantees do not refund service fees and shipping. This is evidence of how serious Venue Kings is about providing outstanding customer service.

Picture Yourself at the Big Game

Photo by Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee
Photo by Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee | Source

Order your sports tickets from Venue Kings

Order your sports tickets from Venue Kings by CLICKING HERE. Sports tickets available include baseball, basketball, football, hockey, & soccer. Most brokers recommend that you order tickets up to three weeks in advance.

What You Need to Know About

Business Excellence Award 2013 - Venue Kings

North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce
North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce | Source

Business Excellence Award 2013 - Venue Kings

Venue Kings won the Business Excellence Award in 2013 for young entrepreneur. The CEO believes that if you create a good work environment, people will like where they work, and therefore will work harder. The company started small and continually kept growing.

Paul Stokes, director of processing, believes the personality of the company and the way Venue Kings conducts themselves is unique. There are not many ticket brokers in Vancouver.

Robyn Wilson, chief operating officer, believes that people work well for this company because the CEO (Anthony Beyrouti) sees more potential in his employees than they see in themselves. He is able to stay lighthearted, despite the fact that it's a business, and he sees that it's more than that. He takes care of the people who he works with so this has definitely created a great work environment to work in.

Anthony Beyrouti (28 years old), president and chief executive officer, has tried to create an environment of teamwork where employees work with each other so that they can create the best experience for their customers.

Venue Kings Ticket Brokers, Inc. Business Excellence Acceptance Speech 2013

Theater dates are romantic

Photo by pakorn
Photo by pakorn | Source

Comments Please...

Have you ever purchased sports, concert, theater, or event tickets online? Please share your experience with us (good or bad). How about Venue Kings? Anyone have an experience specifically with this ticket broker? I'd love to hear your reviews.


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      Melinda Longoria, MSM 2 years ago from Garland, Texas

      Thank you Anglica for posting the new promo code for Venue Kings.

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      Angelica Ramos 2 years ago

      Code FALL8OFF