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Vettaikaran Movie Review

Updated on January 12, 2014


Vijay and Anushka in Vettaikaran
Vijay and Anushka in Vettaikaran

Vettaikaran review

This review of Tamil movie Vettaikaran has many spoilers with details on every character and the story line - so be warned. If you read this Vijay starrer Vettaikaran review, you will miss the surprise element when you watch the movie.

Tamil movie Vettaikaran, produced by AVM and Sun Pictures, is a mega budget movie with Vijay and Anushka in the lead pair along with Srihari, Saleem Kaus and others.

My overall rating is 2.5 stars out of 5. The first half gets 3 stars and the second half gets 2 stars or less. The first half is indeed entertaining and more fun than kuruvi or Azhagiya Tamil Magan or Villu. Songs from Vijay Anthony are nice and good for repeat listenings, well picturized. Sexy Anushka has done justice in the post interval song by showing more of her talent.

Vettaikaran stills

Sexy Anushka
Sexy Anushka

Vettaikaran review - continued

The movie starts off with Srihari (Encounter specialist) killing a local rowdy in public as he has committed multiple crimes. The next scene is in Thoothukudi, where our hero Vijay who is still trying to pass his 12th standard exam after 4 attempts. Vijay (character name is Police Ravi as he aspires to be a police) is a big fan of Police Officer Srihari and wants to become a police officer like SriHari. He passes 12th exam and goes to chennai to join a college. To support his studies, he works as a part-time auto driver.

Chennai is ruled by rowdies headed by Chella who is the son of the master gunda Saleem Kaus (playing the role of Vedanayakam). The first half is just scenes alternating between Vijay's romantic comedy scenes with Anushka and how bad the rowdies are in Chennai. Both are entertaining and acting was good to keep us tied down to our seats. When Chella (rowdy) asks Vijay's girl classmate to sleep with him, Vijay gets mad and beats him up pretty bad. Vijay gets arrested and the police (Shayaji Shinde) tries to kill vijay in an Encounter act. But, Vijay escapes from the encounter by jumping into the waterfalls that you might have seen in the trailer. Intermission.

The second half is just about how Vijay single handedly (well...he gets some help from his friends from Thoothukudi) beats up all the rowdies and kills Saleem Kaus in the end. Second half starts interestingly when the director introduces Saleem Kaus and how he became such a big business owner from just being a teashop cleaning boy. After that, it is just how Vijay beats the villains and how they retaliate. Vijay makes Shayaji Shinde file an FIR against Saleem Kaus and makes the local people stand up against the rowdies. So, Saleem Kaus kills Vijay's friend. In return, Vijay kills Chella (son of Saleem Kaus), and demolishes Saleem's jewellery shop, Chit fund business and contruction business. Shayaji Shinde (Police commissioner) turns againt Saleem because his son Chella slept with his "chinna veedu". Then Saleem Kaus pays a ton of money to the CM to make him a minister overnight. The morning before Saleem becomes the minister, Vijay shows up at his place and single handedly beats up all his rowdies and the blind Srihari shoots Saleem Kaus from the crowd - end of movie! Add your comments and thoughts to this Vettaikaran movie review in the section given below.

Vijay has done his job with perfection as it comes easily because he has done it so many times already. Good songs with nice dance movements, excellent stunt sequences (many of them show hero Vijay beating up 20 or 30 people) are good, but we have seen them so many times it just gives a headache.

Anushka is awesome and has plenty of scope in the first half. She only shows up for 2 songs in the second half. Sexy Anushka in Vettaikaran is tall, slender and does not hesitate to show off her assets. Especially, in songs like "Oru Chinna Thamarai", "Karigalan", "Enn uchi mandaila", she has dressed in skimpy outfits exposing her sexy navel in detail and definitely a juicy eye candy. The comedy scenes with Anushka and Vijay has worked out very well in the first half.

Srihari just shows up in like 3 scenes and is blind in 2 of them. It is a shame to see that the director has wasted a good talent and could have used him more.

Songs are good, the couple of songs with Anushka in the second half are great relief in between massive fight sequences. Vijay's real son (5 years old?) has also danced a little bit in the introduction song "Naan Adicha".

Overall rating in Vettaikaran movie review: 2.5 stars out of 5 stars

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    • profile image

      Mahesh 6 years ago

      Thalapathy really rocking........ Vijay performed very very super.....@ the movie is full of mass..... Very good entertainment frnds......... ..

    • profile image

      SAFEE 7 years ago


    • profile image

      kana 8 years ago

      Total Waste movie……

      Please don’t waste your money to watch these type of movies if u have sense.

    • usauthor profile image

      usauthor 8 years ago from USA

      Thanks, Trsmd. It is hard to erase the impressions of previous movies in this genre (how one man brings down a big dada in the city just by his muscle power) like Dhool, Sullan, etc. I do not recall others but there are plenty.

      It is natural to get a little disappointment to see the same plot again.

    • Trsmd profile image

      Trsmd 8 years ago from India

      ... don't go with huge expectations.. It's not another Ghilli or Pokkiri.. It's a bit different from those.. Go with the fresh mind and see the film.