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ViDKIX Powered by EQIMedia

Updated on January 16, 2014

A New Social Video Website Enables Fans to Have a Truly Interactive Fan-Made Social Experience

Currently, “interactive video” is used to describe any interaction between the content and audience such as sharing, voting, commenting etc. around that piece of produced video. In the age of digital media, “interactive” is the hot buzzword that gets applied to any new technology. While many of the social media start-ups and companies are looking for ways to integrate video in hopes to further monetizethe platforms, the interactivity is a flat, one-way system that only allows consumers and viewers to respond and not interact with the content itself.

What is Vidding?

A new social video website dedicated solely to Fan-made videos has innovated true video interactivity where the audience can watch the video and then create their own versions of the story. Fan-made videos are any videos made by Fans using existing source material. There are many examples of Fan-made videos all over YouTube. They include parodies, music lyric videos, movie trailers, etc. or a fusion of all of the above. Fans make these videos to demonstrate their creativity and talent, their love and passion for a Fandom or just because they like to make videos out of other videos. This show of passion by Fans is called “Vidding.” Combining Vidding and true interactivity, ViDKiX is the first ever break-through interactive video site for all things Fandom. Based out of Santa Monica, California, this company is re-defining the meaning of truly interactive video for Fans.

“Ingenious Fans are moving beyond the limitations of produced video and creating amazing works of art. We want to enhance, gamify and incentivize Vidding and create a safe, collaborative space where anyone can create, share and post their videos using our platform and production tools,” shares Millan Sur, CEO and founder of EQi Media, a start-up company that’s building ViDKiX. Millan continues,


Example VID

How You Can Help!

While the beta site is being built, ViDKiX releases its registration site so fans can now sign up to get first access when ViDKiX launches. As a start-up company, it needs to prove that there’s enough of a demand for a social Fan-made video community website and since this is an organic endeavor, the registration site allows Fans and Fandom supporters to sign-up and contribute to the development and release of ViDKiX: A social video website that encourages Fan-made videos and Fandoms through truly interactive video technology and original content methodology all without ads.


If you are a Artist, Nerd, Geek, or just a true Fan of any generation then this article was for you and this new site coming soon may be a great way for you to let out your passion in a creative way. Please Register to help give this Start Up Company the final push it needs into the Future!


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