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Video Rewind: Catfight!

Updated on November 7, 2014
Neely O'Hara (Patty Duke) claws after Helen Lawson's (Susan Hayward) hair in Valley of the Dolls
Neely O'Hara (Patty Duke) claws after Helen Lawson's (Susan Hayward) hair in Valley of the Dolls

No matter who you are I know one of your favorite guilty pleasures. In fact, it's everyone's favorite guilty pleasure-the catfight!

Probably the most famous catfight in cinematic history has to be between Patty Duke and Susan Hayward in Valley of the Dolls. The scene pits the actresses as celebrity rivals: Neely (Duke) at the height of fame and Helen (Hayward) trying to hang onto it.

Their famous scene comes near the end of the movie when Neely (our favorite doll popper/boozer) crashes an opening night party for legendary Helen Lawson. Of course there's tension when Neely arrives and the focus turns to her (plus its good publicity for her upcoming musical) instead of Helen.

When Helen retreats to the restroom to freshen up and to get away from the little vixen, Neely finds her opportunity and follows.

After a few good barbs at one another, the claws come out and Neely manages to grab Helen's red wig revealing a full head of white hair. What makes the scene even campier is when Neely races into a stall and tries to flush the fake hair down the toilet. Since the wig won't go down, she tosses it over the wall and prances out of the restroom.

However, in Reform School Girls you'll find a lot of the girls prancing around in their underwear and into an occasional fight or two.

Linda Carol stars as Jenny, a girl who made a mistake and now has to spend her time at Pridemore Juvenile Dentention Center along with Lisa (Sheri Stoner) who's more innocent as freshly fallen snow. Well, she did runaway from her foster home following the death of her little brother, but really, shouldn't she have gotten an easier sentence?

Jenny tries her best to protect Lisa from becoming one of Charlie's (Wendy O. Williams) girls but when Jenny's in isolation Charlie gets what she wants. You don't want to mess around with the lead singer of The Plasmatics.

As bad girl Charlie, Williams is provoking all of the panty/bra clad fights and there's at least six of them throughout the movie. Whenever a fight breaks out, chances are Charlie's behind it.

Don't forget about the fight which during the Saturday Night Fever parody in Airplane! between those "famous cookie sellers." A punch here and a slap there can't get any funnier.

But it does when you fly the not so friendly skies. Brenda Vaccaro and Lee Grant go to battle when their private 747 is hijacked and underwater in of all places the Bermuda Triangle.

Vaccaro is Eve Clayton, the head stewardess and Grant is Karen Wallace, a very lonely woman neglected by her husband Christopher Lee. She generally finds comfort in a bottle and after witnessing the drowning of her husband, she does a little touch up of her face and heads for the door.

Now Eve isn't one to play around with. She notices what Karen's about to do and calmly she tries to calm her down. When she's unsuccessful she belts Karen in the chops. It's even campier to see Vaccaro standing over Grant which makes the scene an even guiltier pleasure.

Brenda Vaccaro (R) puts a bear hug on Lee Grant (L) in Airport 1977
Brenda Vaccaro (R) puts a bear hug on Lee Grant (L) in Airport 1977


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