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Video Rewind: The Bikini Bloodbath Movies

Updated on November 7, 2014
It's the boys' turn to have a slumber party in "Bikini Bloodbath"
It's the boys' turn to have a slumber party in "Bikini Bloodbath"

Some Call it Campy, I Call it Bad. Very Bad

I enjoy campy movies just like a lot of people, but there's a time when camp can become just plain stupid and you ask yourself, "Why did I just spend the last few hours watching this?"

That's my reaction to the Bikini Bloodbath triple play.

At first it seemed like a throwback to vintage '80's "horror" but really you don't want to waste your time on these movies.

Starting the series is Bikini Bloodbath and while the girls are having a wicked fun party on one side of town, the boys seem to be having a dull slumber party on the other but in between the two a crazed chef goes on a killing spree. The sexes are reversed as the girls are raunchier than the guys and I still couldn't find any humor in either party.The only saving grace to this movie is Debbie Rochon as the girl's (lesbian) coach Ms. Johnson. Her delivery of lines is so dead pan and she just keeps a sly grin on her face the entire time. I love Debbie because she's so unpredictable as Ms. Johnson tries to figure out a way to get to the girls party.

Of course there's the unnecessary nudity at the party which lasts about 15 minutes as the girls each dance one by one (the same scene is repeated in the following two installments at almost the same time).

Moving now to the first sequel Bikini Bloodbath Car Wash only this time a "new" crop of girls are raising money at Ms. Johnson's car wash and after working hard there's another party only this time, it's at Ms. Johnson's house (she bought the original house of horrors following the events of the first movie) and this time it's a rehash of the original with the chef still on a killing spree after being resurrected from his grave.

Ms. Johnson and the chef (Robert Cosgrove, Jr.) do battle at the end which leaves Ms. Johnson in a coma for the beginning of Bikini Bloodbath Christmas.

With the holidays the girls once again accidently raise the dead chef, but they also work for Mrs. Johnson at her bong shop which is in fierce competition with a Christian Deli, but if you missed BBCW not to worry since the dialogue is basically the same (as is the plot) and this time there's a surprise ending.

Oh, yeah, and there's the dancing again.


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