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The Lair- Season 3

Updated on November 14, 2014
Still biting after three seasons
Still biting after three seasons

Season Three takes a Bite in the right Direction

To say that The Lair is good quality TV is a toss up.

In order to review the third season, I had to go back and watch the first two seasons just to refresh my memory. Recapping the first two seasons, the first showed potential and the second season was just to hard to watch (even in all its campy glory) that I was afraid to see what the third season held. I think my dissatisfaction with the second season is primarily continuity issues (Thom's house has been repainted and he's not driving an Expedition but a regular car- quite a feat for something taking place on the same night. It reminded me of Jamie Lee Curtis' hair color change from Halloween to Halloween 2.).

Anyway, season three brings back the potential (but again Thom's house changes) starting six months after the end of season two.

Thom ( David Moretti) and head vampire Damian (Peter Stickles) have been lovers but Thom is still a mortal. He wants more in the relationship than just being a source of sustenance for Damian and after living at The Lair, he wants to go back to his regular life to "think things over." Since he's not under Damian's spell Damian agrees to "the break" and they go about leading their separate lives. But, Damian wants to keep tabs on Thom so he enlists the help of lost soul Frankie (Brian Nolan) who was killed at the end of the first season.

While all three reprise their roles from past seasons, it's really Nolan who should be the break out star of the show. He's gone from being terrified of Damian in season one to one of his best friends and since he's a ghost he can pop in and out of scenes while helping the lovers. Nolan's appearances are always good for a laugh and he knows how to camp up a scene.

Also back for a third go round is Colton Ford as Sheriff Trout. He tries to deny the existence of the vampire coven and pretends nothing has happened. For this season, writer Fred Olen Ray finally gives the sheriff a mystery of his own as he goes after his (lovers?) killer. I don't think that whole storyline was really ever explained but it does keep you wondering.

Even though Colin (Dylan Vox) was killed off at the end of season two, he comes back to life through a blood ritual and begins to take control over another bar on the island. His plan is to bring down Damian with the help of his posse which results in a showdown at the end between him and Damian.

In my review of season two, I basically said it sucked and as bad as the season was, Johnny Hazzard returns as Tim (the assistant to botanist Jake who became obsessed with a plant which blooms only at night). Since Jake is dead, Tim has inherited Jake's house and finds living in the house is very costly, so he's been searching for a housemate. Enter mystery man and newcomer to the island, Athan (Steven Hirschi). Of course Athan comes with his own secret.

About halfway through the season, Damian is approached about a potential partnership by the mysterious Frau Von Hess (Sybil Danning) which in turn sets the remaining episodes in a different direction leading to one big cliffhanger. There's a lot of things you don't see coming nor expect.

Overall, Ray must have learned the past mistakes regarding season two and is moving forward with what still has the potential to be a top notched series albeit campy.

Unfortunately, there has been no news regarding any continuation of the show.


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