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Video Rewind: Trilogy of Terror

Updated on November 7, 2014
Karen Black as "Amelia" and the Zuni doll spend a quiet Friday night alone
Karen Black as "Amelia" and the Zuni doll spend a quiet Friday night alone

In the '70's made for television movies were all the rage. Each appeared to be "controversial" on certain subjects and when it came to a horror movie they pretty much delivered for the era.

However, it was 1975's Trilogy of Terror which set the bar on future horror films made for TV. Even today this little masterpiece is still a good shocker.

Karen Black stars in three short movies as a different character. The first short, "Julie" has Black as an English professor at a college who's seduced by one of her students and then starts to blackmail her. That's about all I can say about the first film without revealing the entire plot.

The second story, "Millicent and Therese" is sort of a let down and very predictable but it's the third story "Amelia" which will definitely have you glued to your seat.

In the last story Black is on screen the entire time with very little dialogue. It's a Friday night and she calls her mother to cancel their Friday night routine since she's bought a gift for a man she's been seeing "for awhile."

The man is a collector of African artifacts and she picks up a Zuni doll thinking he'll get a kick out of the ugly little thing. There's also a warning attached to the doll and later she calls her mother up to come over.

That's all I'm saying, but it's still frightening and as one of my celebrity friends told me, "the acting's all in the eyes."

If you're planning on watching this fun fright fest be sure to look into Black's eyes at the end of "Amelia." I guarantee you won't move.


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