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ViewIn : Chronos Ruler

Updated on August 8, 2020
LanaFluke profile image

An avid watcher of anime who's putting forth some honest reviews.

I have always felt that some new anime which is totally awesome always appears as soon as you think there is nothing more to watch. I guess many of you have experienced it as well.

So for those who haven't watched " Jikan no Shihaisha" aka " Chronos Ruler " yet, let me give you some insights as to why it should totally be on your " To Watch " list.

A legend that goes down to the city, "If you wish under the clock tower on a full moon night, time will rewind." There were people who believed it and people who took it as a legend that couldn't possibly be true.And there were people who were desperate to revert back in time, some remorse or regrets or whatsoever which led them under the clock tower on the full moon night.

But could something so great really be granted without any grand consequences?

The people who wished under the clock would be approached by time eating demons called "Hollow". These Hollow would feed off of life span of the humans who wished to turn time back and used it themselves to remain alive.

And what happens to the humans whose life span was taken?

- They vanish in thin air. Yes! you heard me right.

Now coming forward to rescue people and stop them from making such wishes are "Chronos rulers". This group of people named " Chronos ruler " are bestowed upon gadgets which helps them to manipulate time. These gadgets allows them to manipulate things from nature like water, air, fire and use it to get rid of the hollows completely.

Introducing the main characters:

1. Victor Putin: The main protagonist of the series. He actually has a secret ( I won't mention it here. You don't want me to tell the whole story, do you? ) He uses cards to manipulate time and use it to destroy the hollows. Cool isn't it?? With a great sense of humor, and meanwhile being a playful character he is also good at hiding his thoughts and is very responsible. I am sure you will slowly fall in love with this character.

2. Kiri Putin : Also the protagonist of the series. He manipulates water while manipulating time and using it to destroy the hollows. He is the serious type and while is always seen troubled by Victor's action, he has his own reason and is very dutiful towards fulfilling that cause.

3. Mina Putin : Also the protagonist of the series. She manipulates air while manipulating time. She is also the cheerful and playful type. She manipulates air to manipulate time and use it to destroy the hollows. She also has her own secret.

Come on, I know you all want to know the secret but if I say it here,I will be spoiling the main story line for you guys. You don't want that do you??

And yes you saw the picture right?? They all look the same age right?? But the relationship between the three of them is not just " members of The group - Chronos ruler ". Watch the anime series and find it for yourself. ( winking eyes emoji ;)

4.Blaze : Blaze is actually kind but as he was bullied by others during his childhood, he actually gets determined to be a bad person. But due to his good nature he ends up helping the rest to reach their GOAL. He is also seen showing great care for his friends.He can manipulate fire while manipulating fire and using it to destroy the hollows.

These four are the main protagonist of this anime. .

For the main antagonist I will only say that its a White Hollow. And if I explain anymore I will be spoiling the main part. So I won't say anything anymore.

There are many other characters that come along and each of them has a significant impact in developing the story line which is totally worth watching.

The story will undoubtedly get you hooked and I am sure you will have a lot of fun watching this. Watch it and come back here and comment down whether you like it or not??




Victor Putin
Victor Putin
Kiri Putin
Kiri Putin
Mina Putin
Mina Putin
White hollow
White hollow

Tell me how did you think the anime was in the comment section below. If you have any similar anime suggestion, do mention it down too !


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