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Vigor Drone 2.0 Review

Updated on February 26, 2015

The new Vigor Drone 2.0 features a new and powerful built-in HD camera that lets you capture professional, high-quality videos and photos. You can fly the Vigor Drone up to 100m above extreme sport events, beach parties, your neighborhood, your school or any other place you want. The Vigor Drone is very easy to fly, is powerful and will capture stable videos even in windy conditions

— The Vigor Drone Company

Key Features

  • Fly by throwing
  • Integrated speed control
  • Can flip 360? in the air
  • Beginner mode for easy learning
  • Strong wind resistance
  • SD card recording footage & import to your PC/phone
  • Ready to fly
  • 6-axis gyroscope


Full Specs

  • 2GB SD card included
  • High quality LCD display
  • Fly both inside and outside
  • Very easy to fly
  • Battery is rechargeable & replaceable
  • Flying distance from transmitter is about 330 feet (100 meters)
  • Spare parts will be available


Review of the Vigor Drone 2.0

The new Vigor Drone 2.0 drone is a lot of fun to fly both inside and outside. The vigor drone 2.0 is about nine inches by nine inches making the perfect size for carrying. The drone can easily fit inside a suitcase to be taken on vacation or carried by hand comfortably. The drone can easily fly about three-hundred feet from the transmitter allowing for amazing pictures to be taken and videos to be recorded from the air.

I have found the new Vigor Drone 2.0 drone to be relatively easy to control. It did originally take me a bit of time to play with the controls to figure out what switch does what, but now I can fly it like a professional. I have yet to require any spare parts and the battery is still going great! I can fly the Vigor Drone 2.0 drone for about ten minutes before I have to bring the drone back to me and down so that I can recharge it. The drone does not take long to recharge and can be back in the air by the time I finish lunch.

I have taken the drone with me on numerous vacations with amazing success. The Vigor Drone 2.0 takes better pictures and video than my digital camera does. The Vigor Drone 2.0 has an ultra-high-resolution, high frame rate, and a powerful photo capture camera. The Vigor Drone 2.0 drone has a screen that allows me to see live streaming of what the Vigor Drone 2.0 is viewing in real time. The onboard HD camera allows the drone to transmit the footage directly to my screen, in amazing quality. The screen allows me to have the ability to control the Vigor Drone 2.0 in real time and to respond to mid-air situations in real time.

One time I took my Vigor Drone 2.0 with me to Hawaii. The Vigor Drone 2.0 truly made the trip for me. I took it out with me when I rented a boat to go dolphin watching and while I was unable to see any dolphins from my boat I was able to send my drone out and watch them from the real time control screen. I brought back some amazing footage to show my friends and family thanks to that drone. I have also uploaded some of the footage on YouTube and the comments have been pouring in. One comment read, “ Wow! Amazing dolphin video. How did you get that footage without the boat spooking the dolphins?” I have since replied explain about the footage being obtained by the use of a Vigor Drone 2.0.

My favorite features of the Vigor Drone 2.0 would have to be its overall ease of use and its great price. I have drained the ten minute battery a few times from having the drone do all sorts of in air stunts. I especially love the 360 degrees in air flips. The flips did take me awhile to perfect, but now I can have the drone do a 360 degrees flip midair and then have it flying straight again with in seconds.

The new Vigor Drone 2.0 is much better than the older Vigor Drone 1.0. The new Vigor Drone 2.0 is only twenty-nine dollars more than the old Vigor Drone 1.0 and it has so many more features. The old Vigor Drone 1.0 could only fly for seven minutes, could fly 100 meters, it did have an HD camera, but it did not have the ability to 360 degrees flips nor an LCD live image display. The new Vigor Drone 2.0 can fly for ten minutes, can fly for 100 meters, and has an HD camera. Unlike the older model the new one can do 360 degrees flips and has LCD live image display.


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I would fully recommend this new Vigor Drone 2.0 to any and all people who enjoy taking pictures and videos of themselves and others. The Vigor Drone 2.0 brings that act of photo taking and video recording alive to a whole new level. Use the Vigor Drone 2.0 is like a mix between a video game and video taking. Not only does the drone driver get amazing pictures and footage, but it also just straight up fun to fly the drone. It is also a lot of fun to use the drone to show off ones flying skills, after a bit of practice without any one to see you mess up the first few times that is. Overall I would recommend this drone to anyone with a love for photos and videos that are over the age of ten.


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